Style Shots – Distressed Boyfriend !!

Did I ever tell you that I am not a jeans person. I can not understand people who say things like “I can live in my jeans” Really !! then how come I am never ever comfortable in them. Hmmm maybe because it gets so hot in Mumbai that you prefer something loose on you. However, the only style that is an exception are the “Boyfriend” denims. I find them extremely comfortable & totally relaxing as they are not hugging on to me like skinnies. Though a pair of skinnies can make you look ooh lala bombastic but when it comes to comfort there is nothing like turning to your ‘boyfriend’ & if they are distressed then even more cool. Call me a sadist!!

Knit(currently available) , Jeans , Boots (currently available) & Sunglasses : Zara , Cap : Accessorize, Bag : Marc Jacobs, Watch(currently available) : Michael Kors

PS : If you kind of get an overdose of pictures from me these days either on FB, Twitter or my instagram account, its cos I am trying out my new camera Samsung WB250F and so far I am pretty  impressed & click happy !

Photographs by : Dhanika Choksi oh! there she is doing her thing :-)

Have a great day people & Yeah and do not forget to comment on my look. Lots of love



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