Style Shots – Crazy Stupid Love!!

Yeah its crazy & it’s stupid & it’s blind and it makes you do the worst things ever that you shall truly repent later. It gives you pain, it gives you misery & then comes the heartbreak. So totally not happening!!  
Despite all its flaws I feel its a wonderful feeling to be in love and be loved and it does have its advantages :
  • You dress better
  • You could wear your boyfriend’s clothes and follow the Boyfriend trend
  • You look better cos all that glow really helps and makes you look younger
  • You are more confident and self assured
  • It keeps you slim cos when in love your body release adrenaline which is an appetite suppressant
  • You are more positive in your outlook
So what the hell go find love and stick to it. You could find it in the most hopeless of places and once you find it do not let it go cos heartbreak is a bitch!!

Happy Valentine’s Day people

Stay in love

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