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Of late I have been caught wearing a lot of stripes. Blame it on fashion but even otherwise I always seem to be attracted towards stripes. There is something very classy and very parisian about them especially the T – shirts. I very recently discovered that they are called “Breton Stripes“. Quite intrigued with the name I further researched on the subject and came to know that these (originally) navy and blue stripes were introduced in 1858 as the uniform of french Navy seamen in Brittany. The broad distinctive pattern of stripes made it easier to spot them in waves. No wonder they are also known as Nautical stripes. Interesting Right??

Did you know that the original Breton shirt had 21 stripes on them. Each stripe was a tally of Napolean’s militant victories. hmmmm Interesting again!

So how did it become a fashion statement. Well, it so happened that our dear Coco Chanel after visiting ┬áthe french coast in 1917 got so inspired by this sailor’s wear that she came out with a whole collection and thus introduced it to the world of fashion. Then came the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot and the Breton stripes earned an iconic status in the sartorial language of fashion. Now they come in all forms of colors – Black n white being the most famous of all.

That’s what it does to me – takes me back to that classic black n white era of those Beauties and makes it an essential wardrobe staple especially for summers. Striped shirts are your reliable friends when everything else seems to ditch you take this one out and it won’t fail you.








Head to Toe : Zara

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