Style Shots – BeSpectacled!!

It was a lovely day and I was at my favorite spot in Mad Mad Mumbai – “Bandstand”. Seriously have you ever been to Bandstand in Rains. I am sure you would have but incase you have missed it please please do make it a point to include it in your list of  TO-DOs.. A word of caution though – Saturdays / Sundays and Public holidays are a very bad idea. The joy of sipping hot coffee and watching the waves go crazy is a different kind of high. I totally love & recommend taking a day off and experiencing the joy of “Dolce Far Niente” at this beautiful place. PRONTO!!
Anyway like I had told you my story in Hello DORKY I have been a big fan of nerdy look so here I am putting my geek on. Hope you like it.

Trousers, Shirt , Sandals : Zara,  Knit sweater : Theory,  Glasses : Vogue, Bag : LV Tuareg, Watch : Marc Jacobs

Photographs by : Dhanika Choksi

Have a great day


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