Style Shots – Beauty and the Britto

Hi my FuFies what’s up with you all. So what are the plans for the weekend?
Today is just a casual post on some of the things I purchased recently and pairing them for a casual summer look. Its a vanity case which I use as a bag many a times cos i love boxy bags and this fits right in & a pair of flats i picked from yes my favorite Steve Madden.
Vanity case as a bag!! I knoooww fashion makes us do crazy things Right!!So I am a big fan of this Miami based artist called Romero Britto. I am no Art lover but I love his work cos its colorful, vivacious & simple. More importantly I can make some sense out of it :-) I have always wanted to own one of his colorful piece of Art and embellish one of my empty walls.
Anyway, coming back to the bag, so when I saw this beautiful BRITTO case in one of the shops in SFO I couldn’t resist the temptation to get my hands on it. It did pinch my pocket a little but it was wayyyy less than the hole his paintings would create.

Isn’t it colorful. Pair it with beautiful flats and casuals for summers and you are good to go.
I recently picked up these gorgeous Steve Madden TAZORRs and went around the town in this Beauty and with my Britto. Totally summer look :)

But it is also useful when you are traveling and want to stack your make up and accessories. Its got a good amount of space to carry a whole lot of ur stuff.

All that glitters is not gold could be TAZORRs

Yeah so go ahead and look in your closet to see if you can use something differently to give it a twist. Sometimes it just works!

Have a great day and a beautiful weekend.


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