Style Shots – Beating the Heat!!

I can’t believe that just the other day I was singing the “Springy” tune cos the weather here is getting from bad to worse. It’s getting unbearably hot and while I can’t speak for you but in my case I loose all my sense of calm and composure as soon as the temperatures start hitting 33 deg centigrade. Yeah “33″… odd but that’s my number. I think the heat gets into my head. And while the Sun is scorching on your head how the hell does one think of looking a scorcher. It’s a torture to add any extra layer of clothing on you let alone think about trivial issues like proper pairing of this skirt with that top and adding the right accessories and shoes and blah blah. I want to get rid of whatever I am wearing and just jump in the pool to retain my last bit of sanity.

However, what does a girl laid with the burden of fashion banalities do to look cool. Probably find some practical ways of clothing to beat the heat in its butt. Even if that means giving in to Crop Tops which seem to be following me like a plague. Who cares if that little extra pound of flesh peeps out underneath your modest cover up, I need to keep my cool without compromising on looking cool. What say peeps??

Oh Yeah Don’t forget to check some of my ways to beat the heat at the end of these pictures & let me know if you like the look :-)

Crop shirt : Zara , Shorts : Zara, Hat : Forever21, Watch : Marc Jacobs, Wedges: Michael Kors, Bag : LV
Photographs : Dhanika Choksi
1. Water is your best friend. Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Coconut water is cool for the system & so is buttermilk.
2. Have Watermelon as much as you can. It’s best fruit for summers. Keeps you cool and the juice is extremely refreshing.
3. Feed on Salads like cucumber, carrots, Iceberg lettuce are great coolers for the system
4. Avoid Red meat or heaty spicy food.
5. Wear loose clothing – “White” as cliched as it may sound is the color for summer according to me and thankfully it’s back this season in a big big way.
6. Accessorize with summer accessories – Sunglasses and Hats/caps.
7. Cold showers at least twice a day.
8. Wear sunscreen at all times even inside the house.
9. Cooling face packs are a good idea for summers.
10. Lastly avoid stepping out when Sun is out at its peak though I know when the work beckons you have to step out.

These are some of my ways. How are you beating this callous heat this summer??

I don’t know if ‘Happy’ is the right word to use but nevertheless Happy Summers!


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