Style Shots – Another Brick in the Wall !!


When life give you lemons, make a lemonade. Ever heard of that !!

In life we go through various such situations which makes us question our very own existence. We struggle in our day to day lives, sometimes people let us down, sometimes its just a state of mind. Kind of an existential crisis you know. I guess we all go through it. We fret, we fume, we sulk, we stress and many a times we close ourselves to the outside world till we somehow learn to deal with all the insanity. The worst part is we stop believing in ourselves. We give up on who we are and start seeking solace by blaming it on destiny. Now that I doubt is the right attitude to live with.

Instead I think its imperative to Believe in yourself. Take life head on. I know it is difficult to find success immediately but in the end everything is possible. All you need is a little grit, determination, hardwork and most importantly patience.  Sometimes we get scared cos we cannot see the future but remember you are in as much dark as the person next to you. What distinguishes you from the rest is your ability to fight and will to make it happen. Failures are what make you enjoy your success. They are a part of growing up process.  We are all born with unique skills so do not be afraid to be different. Use your abilities, take the risk and don’t be afraid to succeed. Yes “succeed” and not “fail” cos if you put an effort , success cannot elude you for long. It might play a little hide n seek but ultimately it will give in.

If you are able to inspire even one person in your lifetime, you have become a role model you see cos you made a difference. Who said it was easy, if it were we would all have been either Bill Gates or Dalai Lama. Follow what your heart says but sometimes also listen to your head cos that will take you in the right direction. Make a difference , Just don’t be Another brick in the Wall

Coat : Zara, Boots : Stuart Weizman

I say Dream big and wish for the stars. That way even if you fall you will land on the Moon.

Let every moment be what it’s going to be, 
what’s meant to be will come your way, 
what’s not will fade away….This post dedicated to all my friends going through some kind of crisis at the moment :-)
Stay Positive


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One thought on “Style Shots – Another Brick in the Wall !!”

  1. The fashionista in a philosophical mood today…haan?! :)
    But all that you say, is absolutely correct. We need to just keep the faith in tough times – like the saying goes – Get up, Dress up, Show up, but never give up.

    Vidya Gupta.

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