Style Shots – Always Believe!!


“Believe” a word that sounds so simple and a word we just keep using lamely in our conversations but a word that is so so so powerful in its true form. It’s true that many a dreams are killed due to doubts and fear than the failure itself. We tend to lose faith when the going gets tough and more so in our own self.
I have been there perhaps I am still there when failiures hit me but I keep pushing myself hard past my comfort zone. Doesn’t mean I have moved past my self doubts. The trick that I learned is that it’s completely fine to try & fail,to get beaten down, to put yourself out there and not be perfect, to let people in and have them not instantly love you or create something and get judged by others. The best way to learn something is to study it, try it, practice it, make mistakes, learn some more & REPEAT. In this constant battle of learning , making mistakes and falling will you be able to find yourself and realise that you were great all along & these were just minor hiccups. We all deal with vulnerability, uncertainty & failure but successful people trust that if they move forward anyway they will figure it out.
This is for all of you who dare to dream, who wish to do something different, who are down in dumps or going through tough times, who are living their passion or maybe struggling with it & also some of you who are taking their first step towards it…
Believe in following your heart, in your passion, in your dreams, in love, in trust, in God, in miracles, in magic, in fairy tales, in life, in changing for better , in those who believe in you, who stand by you but most importantly Believe in yourselfAlways Believe!!


Like I believed that one day I will manage to find a head chain and wear it & voila I did :-) I have been looking for one ever since Deepika wore it for an award function. I managed to find this one from CURIO COTTAGE that suited my aesthetics. Simple and classy. A perfect accoutrement for my super simple white summery dress. What do u think??














Dress: Zara, Head chain: Curio Cottage, Sandals: Steve Madden

Pics by : Ushmi Kanakia

Believe & it shall happen
Lots of love

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