Style Shots – A very Happy & Prosperous Diwali to you all :-)

Hey guys.. Wassuuuup.. I am usually excited during this time of the year cos its festive season and the whole city rather country is engulfed in joy, frenzy & fervor. Its just happiness everywhere except for the crazy traffic of Mumbai that drives me insane.  But that apart the whole buzz just gets you going. Don’t you think so! The cleaning, the shopping, the gifting, the lights just sets the tone for the festival, days in advance and goes on till the onset of New Year.
So what are your plans this Diwali. How are you celebrating it, Have you decided on what you gonna wear. Have u shopped yet? Whichever way you decide to celebrate let’s just try not to pollute our cities any more and make it as noise free as possible. On my part I am going to stay away from those stupid noisy crackers and rather give away the money to needy and poor. What good deed are you going to do? Think about it.
I decided to put together a look for Diwali and also take this opportunity to wish each one of you a very happy & prosperous Diwali. Hope you like the look. If it looks like I just got out of the bed because of my messy hair well then mission accomplished cos it’s supposed to look like that hahaha.
A word of caution – the pictures might be a bit too many than usual so kindly bear with me. No I am not obsessed with myself. Just that Dhanika & me got so click happy that it got out of control. oh yeah also we had to wait for the sun to set to get some shots :-)

Wishing you and all at home lots of Happiness, Health, Wealth & Prosperity. Have a safe one.

Best Wishes

Gown – old one from AZA,  Earrings & Rings – Expressions in Lokhandwala Market, Nails – Nail Spa Experience

Photographs – Awesome Dhanika



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