Style Shots – A Day Out with SFX !!

sfx cover

Do you sometimes have this yearning to do things that make you feel alive. Things that we forget to do being caught up with the perplexing vagaries of life. Things that we waive off saying who has the time for all this cos I am busy making a living. Things that might help you break the shackles for just a few minutes if not more but those are the moments when you truly feel alive. Just the desire to do something spontaneous and crazy like stepping out of your normal schedule & throwing caution to the wind. Practice a random act of kindness. Dance to some ridiculous songs or do something out of your comfort zone. Don’t you think sometimes its imperative for us to feel things around us. Just take out time and do some random silly stuff that makes you laugh and giggle at the spontaniety of events. Sometimes its important to live a little in the moment and feel the blood gushing to your heart cos otherwise we all are so busy sucking up to life. You know, those simple sometimes mindless things that bring joy and make you feel full of youth & energy.

I had one such epiphany one fine day when I decided to just let down my hair & have fun. Simple inane things like having Gola in the middle of the road or offer softy to a horse and wait for him to kick you in your b**t or just trying to pull off my own version of the very famous hitchhiking scene from “It happened one Night”. Actually it looked more like Carrie Bradshaw trying to stop a cab. Anyway, It gave me some sort of kick. I am also guilty of pushing a child because he was not ready to let go of the swing (shhhhhh)but later bought him an Ice cream and we made up.

I did it all & I couldn’t find a more perfect partner in crime – the very vibrant and colourful frames from SFX Eyewear. I immediately fell in love with the wide range of colorful collection and contemporary hues. To me they signify joy, energy, cheer, youth, full of life. Who says you have to look nerdy when wearing glasses. Break the rules. Life is too short to wear boring frames. It’s like finding the right accessory for your clothes without looking overdone. To look into their entire collection check out SFX Eyewear. You will find one for every mood.

PS : There are more number of pics than usual cos I wanted to show you different frames & also clue you in to all the fun you can have in this bustling city that never stops or sleeps.

sfx cover

sfx fuf 1

sfx fuf 2

sfx fuf 3

sfx fuf 5

sfx fuf 6

sfx fuf 7

sfx fuf 8

sfx fuf 9

sfx fuf 10

sfx fuf 11


sfx fuf 12

sfx fuf 13

sfx fuf 14

sfx fuf 15

sfx fuf 16

sfx fuf 17

sfx fuf 18

sfx fuf 19

sfx fuf 20

sfx fuf 21

Dress : BCBG MaxAzria , Shoes : Steve Madden, Frames : SFX

Photog : Ushmi Kanakia

I also hear BCBG Max Azria is opening shop in DLF Emporio mall in Delhi. I love the brand and would love to see their new collection whenever I am in the capital.

Have fun & Stay Stylish

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