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September definitely is one of my favourite months of the year. For me it signifies a lot of things like the advent of Festive season, the beginning of Fall (which is breathtakingly beautiful), of course my Birthday which is just a feather in the cap & also the fact that it is Fashion’s biggest month makes it even more closer to my heart. I honestly wait for New York Fashion Week to kickstart the Fashion month. It is one of my favourite activities to watch. Not so much for the shows but the Street Style. Ah! it is phenomenal. The Streets of New York themselves become sort of Runways in their own right. Believe you me I every time wish from my heart that I could get an opportunity to attend it & be photographed by the swath of photographers outside the shows. I wonder how would it feel.

I am a huge fan of Fashion Week’s Street Style though many a times I can’t figure out if its in the name of Fashion or is it a part of a larger ploy to get the photographer’s attention. The more ridiculous you look, the more chances of you getting photographed. There was a time when media had started ridiculing these beehive of Fashion crazy people seen in the most atrocious attires being referred to as circus of showoff people or “offending Peacocks”. But Is that what it is? I feel Street Style is the real style. It clearly shows how people adopt “not so wearable” runway styles into real life. It’s what is being worn by the real girls that is a source of inspiration to many and a clear indicator of whats trending. If you follow some of the best street style photographers they have the eye to capture what’s new & what’s important. Thus making street style very important in today’s fashion scenario.

Over the years there seems to be some kind of authenticity returning into Street Style. It is more invigorating and inspiring. You can’t take away the fact that there are still some daring outfits on display but there is some kind of honesty returning. It’s as if people are wearing the clothes and not the other way round which is kind of refreshing. I feel wearing something daring that you love and are more comfortable in is much better that wearing something that is just daring for attention. I also credit our favourite Bloggers for bringing in their A game to these events. It’s so much fun to watch an Aimee or a Kristina or a Nicole or a Camilla slaying it at the Fashion Week. Makes it more fun & inspiring. Even though they are wearing some of the best designers but you can’t take away the fact that it’s the “relatability” factor that makes them dearer to us.

This look is inspired by Fashion Week’s Street Style. Nothing too wild or crazy – just keeping it fresh, modern and cool to make it believable. My humble interpretation of Street style sans any big labels. Though Wait!!! Is anyone wearing Denim any longer to fashion week????? Ha! who cares.
Moving on to London Fashion Week….















Top , Jeans, Scarf : Zara, Shoes : Steve Madden, Clutch : Hermes
Pics : Ushmi

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