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One of the biggest beauty trend this year is to sport a clean, fresh & radiant skin. Our skin & hair require pampering & care. Taking care of your skin and hair should become a habit rather than once a while ritual. While we all like to blame it on our genes but the real question is do we take adequate care of our skin & hair?? We all know that skin is the biggest organ of our body then why do we neglect it??
Let’s just stick to some basics before taking giant leaps.
Recently I was invited to an event held by one of my favorite brands in beauty & skin care Dermalogica. The event was hosted along with DIVO brushes.

Avni Amlani at the event

Being a Fashion & Beauty enthusiast and also a blogger I would not term myself as Ignorant. I happen to know a decent amount of stuff when it comes to beauty & taking care which I keep sharing with you all from time to time. However, when it comes from an expert with some serious reasoning behind it one just tends to give it more importance. I had a chance to interact with Avni Amlani who is the International Skin expert and consultant to the brand and she had some basic & interesting thoughts to share. Most importantly what stayed with me were the reasons behind one should be doing what one should be doing & I am glad to share them with you all :

Know your skin
Common conclusion : my skin is Oily & sensitive but are you sure about it? so the first step is to Know your skin by paying a visit to a dermatologist and then wisely choosing the products according to your skin type be it a cleanser, moisturiser or even a foundation. You must know your skin to take better care of it.
Cleansing with a cleanser is very important
Always cleanse your skin using a cleanser or a face wash. Many of us feel that by just splashing water on our face we get rid of the dirt but water only removes 65% of oil & debris from your skin.
Cleansing in the morning is as important as cleaning in the day or night.
Why do I need to use a face wash in the morning when all I was doing was sleeping in my comfortable bed inside the 4 walls of my room so where is the question of dirt??
So while you  were sleeping in the night, your skin was breathing oxygen and repairing itself leading to more dead skinand excess sebum that has accumulated in the morning. This can not be cleaned with just splashing water. You need to remove it with a cleanser else you will be putting makeup over dead skin & excess oil. Eeeks…Makes sense Right!!
Exfoliating every day will damage your skin.
I always had this misconception that if you exfoliate everyday, it will damage your skin but Avni completely rubbished this myth. She says that exfoliating your face daily will help you get rid of dead skin but keep in mind that the exfoliator that you are using is gentle to your skin and does not cause rashes so be very careful while choosing one. Also we feel that the harder we rub our skin with the exfoliator the better the exfoliation which is not true. Our skin is extremely sensitive so go easy and be gentle. Soft stokes are what your skin needs
I have oily skin so I don’t need to moisturise
Irrespective of Winter, Summer , Rains or Oily, Sensitive, Dry skin one has to moisturise every day and night. The products used will vary depending on your skin but the routine remains the same. Moisturiser besides nourishing and hydrating provides a kind of shield and layering on your skin. Infact contray to the belief of oily skin not needing a moisturiser it is believed that properly hydrating the oily area can regulate sebacious activity. If your skin is without a moisturizer for long, it becomes dehydrated and immediately sends a signal to your brain which then secretes excess oil on your face to cover up for lack of moisturiser with the result you end up with more oils on your skin. 
The second interesting reason was that our skin becomes stingy without moisturiser and therefore all the other products that we apply may not sit well on the skin so moisturising before applying make up is essential too.  Hmmm that makes a lot of sense.
Protect your skin from the harshness of Sun
We all know that Sunscreen is very important and I have emphasised a lot on the same in my earlier posts but what we need is A sunscreen that has wider spectrum of protection meaning both UV A & UV B.  UV A causes skin Aging & wrinkling & B damages the most superficial layer of our skin called epidermis and causes Redness and skin burn. Also as much as the application , the frequency is very important. Every 2 hours is what is recommended. Again Summer, Winter, Rains. Inside or Outside, Oily or dry skin. One MUST apply a sunscreen & a minimum of SPF 15 is needed. Anything less is of no use.
Taking care of your hands is as essential as taking care of your face & Neck
The first signs of ageing start appearing on your hands. Your hands tell your actual age.
No need to invest in a separate product if you don’t wish to. Whatever moisturiser you applying on your face will work for your hands too.
Weren’t these some great insights into things we already know. They just re-inforce our belief in them
Dermologica is one of my favorite brands when it comes to skin products and I have been using it for a very long time.
One of the product that I would definitely recommend is the Dermalogica daily Microfoliant. It’s a gentle Rice based exfoliating powder that activates upon contact with water. Something that you can use daily to exfoliate your face.
Courtesy DIVO, India’s leading hair accessory brand I also got a great perspective on hair care by Akshata Honawar, an internationally trained hairstylist & color expert who gave some excellent tips on styling your hair and some myths. The ones that stayed with me :
  • Know your scalp. Just walk in to one of those big salons where they can examine your scalp like if you go for Kerastase ritual they will tell you your scalp type. It goes a long way to help you decide on your hair products like shampoos and conditioners.
  • Never walk out of your home with wet hair not because you will catch cold which is what we usually think but also because when your hair is wet, it is very vulnerable. The outer coating of your hair which is a protection shield opens up and your inner cortex is exposed to the sun and that tends to get damaged when you walk out with wet hair. No wonder we see urchins on the road with different hair colors. It’s not that they have colored their hair but their hair is completely damaged. Did u know this??
  • Always and Always coat your hair with a serum. It just provides an extra layer of protection to your hair like a sunscreen.
  • Ditch the oil and treat your hair to some rich protein treatments which is like providing food to your hair. Contrary to the belief that oil provides nourishment, it is actually the massage that is working for you as it provides circulation. Oil was used as a medium for easy movement in olden times since we did not have any other treatments. It doesn’t actually do much for your hair except for making you use more shampoo to wash it off.
These tips stayed with me after 3 hours of interactive event and I came back home happier and wiser.
A hair brush is an essential tool while taking care and styling your hair and we tend to neglect it. One must invest in a good one. I absolutely loved the whole wide range of DIVO brushes. They have an excellent range of professional & for home use brushes
I fell in love with their Paddle brush from Aaria range ideal for everyday use. It has gentle and flexible ball tipped bristles protect and massage the scalp. Excellent grip and good quality.
Another one that I am going to pick up fosho is the DIVO Asanti mixed bristle brush with a wooden handle cos it looks just ideal for blow drying my hair.
Thank you Dermalogica & DIVO for such wonderful insights.
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