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A big Hi to my super super awesome girls & wish you all a very Happy Women’s Day right in time before the clock strikes 12 :-)
Though we all are extremely special 365 days of the year and men just can’t do without us, still hopefully you were made to feel extra special by your bosses, husbands, boyfriends, shopkeepers, milk man, drivers, cleaning guys etc etc. Well, I do not understand the meaning of picking out one particular day to celebrate woman – hood when rest of the 364 days some woman is being ill treated in some part of the world. Now a days I dread to pick up the paper lest my mood should be spoilt by some ghastly crime against women that has become so rampant. 
Nevertheless, since it happens to be Women’s day I thought I will wish you all and take this opportunity to put up a non fashion related post on women who inspire me and I have come to admire. The list was actually longer, I had to really contain myself to the ones that are more relevant to today’s day and age. What is common in them is their determination to succeed, their confidence and their fighting spirit.  So in no particular order here we go :

Mary Kom : Responsible for putting a small tribe & India on the world map in Women’s Boxing, this mother of 2 lets her fists do the talking to prove a point every time. A fighter in her own league knocked down every hurdle to achieve 5 world championship titles. Incidentally HT was carrying a story on her today and I read & re – read it to derive some inspiration.

Saina Nehwal : A Rising star and a role model to many, she infused fresh breath of air into a dying sport like badminton. She made us very proud with her achievement in olympics and she is a great example firm head on tiny shoulders.

Serena Williams : Every time I see her playing it gives me goosies. There is something about her which screams “Determination”. Recently been named as the oldest woman to reach no.1 at the age of 31 replacing Chris Evert is in no mood to give up anytime soon. What is more credible is that this smashing return is after slipping to 175th rank due to some serious foot injury in 2010.

Sonia Gandhi : An “outsider” who made it to the top in the world of this man – dominated dirty game of politics in a country like India by sheer hard work and determination. Ridiculed by many as an Italian barbie who had absolutely no understanding of this dirty business completely transformed herself into the real force behind today’s ruling party. Ushered into politics by a game of fate, she played her cards like a true politician and earned everyone’s respect by relinquishing the post of the PM in favor of Manmohan Singh. That she has catapulted to this powerful position and reckoned as one of the top 10 powerful women in the world from being a shy coy wife who was just considered to be an arm candy is an inspiring tale on its own. Respect!

Malala Yousafzai : An icon of women’s struggle against radical Islam, her innocent face can melt a thousand hearts. The bullet in her head may have been removed but the incident shook the entire world. Her only fault she wanted to study!! Makes me think how much we take our privileged life for granted. How many of us have the courage to stand against the face of evil and here is this 15 year old willing to fight against TALIBAN. It requires an inner force and true grit to do something like that.

Sheryl Sandberg : Facebook would just have remained freewheeling culture of young had it not been for the former Google employee. Her primary goal was to make a cool site “profitable”. In 2012 she was elected as the board member making her the first woman to serve on the board.

Natalie Massenet : She inspires me to think big. Working a mundane job at a fashion mag, she decided to give it all up to start a new venture at the age of 33 cos she wanted to make it big. She started with Net a Porter from her house with the help of her Investment banker husband in 2000. She sold it off to luxury goods conglomerate in 2010 for a whopping 350 million pounds.  She dared to dream and take her life in her own hands and today she is set to be named the chairman of British Fashion council.

Victoria Beckham : Fame is not new to this erstwhile pop singer and the fabulously stylish wife of David Beckham. Being one of the privileged ones it was perhaps easier for her to start a fashion line. Well to start was easy , to sustain was the real challenge. She started with DVB which was rubbished by critics and tanked sooner than it got launched but she didn’t give up and relaunched the brand under her own name Victoria Beckham. What is credible is that many who were waiting to see her fall have been silenced by her slow and steady rise as one of the serious designers who means business. That it was some frivolous attempt  by one of the WAG of a certain famous Beckham didn’t work in her favor and she worked very hard to get herself recognized as a credible designer. Today 4 years since her launch she is ready to open her standalone store, an e commerce site and launch her label in other countries like HongKong, Tokyo.. To me she is a smart & successful business entrepreneur.

And since I am a Fashion blogger, I draw inspirations from some fashion Bloggers across the globe who have done well for themselves & I aspire to be in that league some day :-) Whether I can make it or not is a different issue but I really like the substance in their work. It makes me want to put more thought into my blogging.
Leandra Medine : The woman behind the fastest growing global fashion blog “MAN REPELLER”is a funny, goofy and a smart blogger. Her edgy, eccentric style sets her apart from various other fashion bloggers and its fun to read her sometimes comic approach towards high fashion. Today 2 years after her launch the site clocks 2.6 million page views a month and she has managed to turn her blog into a significant business. Tell me how many bloggers are able to do that!! With a book deal  under her belt and a talent agency like CAA backing her, the sky is the limit for this girl who has made it completely on her own through blogging.
Garance Dore : Hailing from a very small rustic Island somewhere in France wanted to be a fashion illustrator instead ended up being an assistant programmer in cinema. She gave up her job one day and decided to take a creative and entrepreneurial leap. After trying her hand at being an illustrator for a year, she decided to start her blog under her own name where she could showcase her illustrations and also experiment with other content. The Blog started generating opportunities and she moved to Paris  in 2007 to seize them. Today her blog is one of the most versatile fashion blogs which offers seamless blend of fashion illustrations, some thoughtful writing, short narrative videos and striking photography. What I like about her is that she took a chance and dived into it. Her constant endeavor to keep providing something new is exactly one of my constant struggle with my blog. She inspires me to think different and act on it.

I have some close friends too who inspire me to be a fighter in life. I can not mention their names but If they happen to read this article (hopefully till the end without falling asleep).. hope they know that they inspire me. This is my current list and I am certain that in coming years there will be more and more and more women who will keep providing us with inspirations in some form or the other. What I truly I hope is that I too am able to make it on someone’s list some day :-)))
Stay Inspired my lovelies
Lotsa Luv

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