Stay Inspired – Dream, Little (town) girl on lonely streets (of Mumbai)


I was just going through some pictures for my usual research and I stumbled upon some of Kangana Ranaut. And then I see her on this cover. Now I must admit that I have never been a big fan of Ms Ranaut  in the past but recently she is turning heads by her fashion choices. If she can make someone who did not even give her a second look take notice,  that speaks volumes about her journey. And here I am writing a post on her… WoW!!

Undoubtedly she is a good actress ( especially in traumatized victim kind of roles) who always had a good sense of style but she has nurtured it so well that she hardly goes wrong and unnoticed by media or fashion police (in a good way)

She is a perfect example of girls from small towns of India making it big in the world of fashion. From a quaint little town of Himachal Pradesh to a fashion diva and style Icon is a growth worth admiring. She dreamt of it and she got it. Isn’t it inspiring??
So whosoever said that only the girls from Metros have style should be biting their tongues right now. She only reinforces my belief that Style is inherent.

What I love about her is  that she experiments with style. She constantly re- invents herself and what amazes me is that she looks different everytime I see her. She is our answer to Rihanna.. Don’t u think so??

She can rock a pair of shorts as effortlessly as a dress or a pair of jeans. She doesn’t come straight out of a fashion catalogue like some girls who have been termed as fashion divas. Her style is simple and clean. No over the top drama.

She keeps playing with her hair & make up to achieve different looks which is rarely done by her counterparts. Mostly they are seen with the same hair but its not the case with her.  She adds a little twist everytime eg. with this hat over straight hair. Simple yet chic.

2 different jumpsuits worn with 2 different looks

Check out all the different looks in dresses she has worn.

I especially like the way she mixes high street with high fashion case in point this Zara Tulip dress with Louis Vuitton pumps

or this floral dress with these quirky Vivienne Westwood pumps.

She looks stunning in Indian wear too. 2 similar type of dresses with 2 completely different looks.

I love the LBD look. It i similar to her recent look seen during L’oreal awards yet different. The dress, the hair, the make up, the choker. Impeccable. I like the concept of chokers with dresses.

At a recent event, doesnt cease to look different yet again.

I must say I am very impressed with this girl. She came alone in this big bad city and made it on her own. She was chided by many for her vernacular upbringing and she did earn a lot of bad press for some wrong personal choices, However in the end she did win accolades for her performances, especially her role in “FASHION” being one of the most endearing ones.
She may not have been delivering hits at the moment but she does continue to impress us with her sartorial elegance. She does inspire me to Dream big & stay stylish.


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