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Keeping up with my promise of sharing the Products / Brand I love  with you guys, first of all I am renaming this section as “Spotlight on” simply because it increases my gamut of things I wanna share :-)

So today’s spotlight is on this brand called “Quay Australia” . Some of  you may have heard about this brand now since a lot of high profile people too are sporting this brand  and and and they have collaborated with likes of Kylie Jenner ( in 2017) which is good enough to make any nobody into somebody. Power of Kardashians/ Jenner


However I spotted this brand almost 3 years ago while randomly shopping in ” TOPSHOP” in New York.  They have a separate section for QUAY Sunglasses and I was attracted to that side of the counter because I am a big Sunglass hoarder so I went to try these on and I loved each and every design. What was the main draw was the price point. They were killing it with some fabulous designs at just $35 – $40 and the quality was not bad at all. I was so excited that I picked up 2 of them but I went back to pick another pair. Post that whenever I travel and a Topshop is in the nearby vicinity I always pick up a pair of sunnies from Quay. Believe you me I have every time been asked about what sunnies am I wearing if I am wearing Quay. I am not kidding.



Started by Linda and Allen Hammond  as a side hobby in Melbourne , these sunnies were sold by them as a cheaper option to look sassy and ultra cool during music festivals. Soon they noticed that these were selling like hot cakes and thats when they slowly started expanding. Today in 2018, I see them partnering with Coachella and some of the big famous bloggers are wearing Quay and it does make me happy cos seriously I love when small or lesser known brands start getting noticed (especially if I think they have potential)


Like I said you can find them in TOPSHOP stores or you can find them online too 


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