Sporty glam !

I am just back from the gym and feeling super charged to go on with my errands for the day which I will continue to do wearing my track pants. More often than not you will catch me in my gym clothes or track pants while running around to do my work. Besides being the most comfortable wear, they also give me a feel of being Pseudo – sporty (I am not at all sporty no matter how much I would like to believe so). Sporty chic has always been one of my most favorite looks. Maybe it stems from the fact that I am very impressed with Sports Stars and envy their stamina, fitness & their athletic built. Well, if you can’t be one at least you can make yourself feel like one hahaha.




No, No this post is not about what to wear in the gym. Wear anything you want, just concentrate on exercising so that you can later reap the benefits.┬áRather thought of sharing with you all certain sporty glam must haves for days when you just don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking too much. Just channel your sporty chic instinct and go on with your day. Certain must haves that will help you through this weather :


1. Sweatshirts : I am in love with sweatshirts. It is my go -to chill out wear. Besides being cozy, they are super comfortable and can look great with anything from a pair of tracks to jeans to shorts. Perfect for the kind of weather we are currently experiencing in Mumbai.





2. Wedge Sneakers

I always say that I would rather be caught dead than be spotted wearing sneakers when going out (except for gym or any sporty activity) but this new rage of wedge sneakers makes me retract my statement. Isabel Marant has taken the entire glam world by storm so the even most fashionable are seen wearing these sporty yet fashionable hitop sneakers.




I am loving these Steve Madden look alike which is most likely going to be my next purchase

3. Baseball caps : My quick fix solution to a bad hair day. Just wear a cap.




4. Varsity jackets or letterman jackets as they are popularly known. Anything that has a letter or a number on it is sporty



5. Tuxedo pants or Racing Stripe pants : A mix of tracks and pants, these look sporty and trendy at the same time. Remember to get the slimmer ones.


These 5 must haves are good enough to ooze out that sporty glam in you & casually take you through this cold weather .



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