Soft Fab Feet!!


“You know aunty your daughter could easily become a foot model” said one of my dad’s distant cousin to my mother one fine afternoon. This happened way way back when I was in my teens. These remarks stayed with me and needless to say kept me floating in the air for a very long time considering they came from a woman I looked upto (Well, she was a bomb in those days). And although I had no intentions of becoming any model of any sorts it did kind of massage my non existent dream for a while making me wonder Can I?? Anyway not for long cos they were immediately squashed by my parents and I was packed off to study for my Engineering to one lonely planet. Cut to today I am neither a model nor a full fledged Engineer. One good did come out though, it did help me develop a good habit of always taking care of my hand and feet.

I have been going for regular pedicures from a very young age and sometimes like doing it myself at home. Especially since I wear a lot of heels, there are some spots that have become rough due to excessive friction. It helps to keep scraping off the dead skin so there are lesser chances of getting any sort of corn or bunions. So when I heard that Dr Scholls have come out with a product that could help you get an at- home express -Pedi of sorts. I was definitely interested. After all it was Dr Scholls who are known for variety of foot care products. I had to try it.
The packaging to begin with is pretty impressive containing an Electronic foot file with 4 batteries & a foot cream.


Gently glide the electronic roller over the hard skin. Think of it like a pumice stone except for you don’t have to rub hard. Just a gentle touch and you will see the dead skin coming out like dust. You might get intimidated by the sound that comes out but there is nothing to worry. The device has an automatic sensor that will detect it to stop if too much pressure is applied.
Since I wear heels some parts of my feet feel harder than the other so I buffed those parts gently. Washed my feet and applied the cream. Voila my feet felt absolutely smooth & soft.





Few things to remember :
Feet should be cleansed & pat dry before using the roller
Do not use it at one point for very long
Do not use on the softer skin of your feet just for those rough patches especially heels.

PS : I am not too sure how would it work on extremely dry skin though by looking at the way it works it should not be that bad. However you cannot totally eliminate your professional pedicures. Those are a must once in a while.

Rest its extremely easy to use & I totally recommend it for that At- home pedicure. Its relatively easy to keep your feet presentable without having to make that trip to the spa. priced at approx Rs 3K its a great buy for that once in a while pampering your feet so require.



What do you guys think about the product?? Will you try?? Incase any of you have used it do let me know your experience

Stay Beautiful

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