Sneaker Wedges – Worth the hype??

Sneakers with wedges Really?? That was my first reaction on seeing these now high profile and most trending sneakers that have taken the fashion industry by storm and blame it entirely on Isabel Marant.

I remember I had seen them last year for the very first time on Kate Bosworth while looking through celebrity styles for my Style pick section. I was not at all impressed with them at that time because of the way Kate had styled them. A little boho meets sporty.. Not my style at all. But the pic seemed to be trending so much that those sneakers stayed with me.

And then I saw them on Miranda Kerr. Cmon now that girl can rock everything. I instantly fell in love with the sneakers and of the way she had styled the look. Now ofcourse I am no Miranda or Giselle but look at those girls don’t you love their style. Definitely makes me wanna try out these sneakers fosho.


I totally love the sporty look and sneaker wedges are appropriate for this look.  Remember Sporty Glam.  Definitely my kind of look


I must admit that Isabel Marant’s are a bit pricey at $750 but if you are a sneaker girl then I would say totally go for them. However, if you just wanna try out the style then a lot of high street brands have got them in their collection. I recently saw them in ZARA too :-) The closest to Isabels are Steve Madden’s Hilights & I loved the denim ones that have just arrived in their collection so I got a pair for myself. They just arrived and I am super excited to try them out. Will do a Style shots section with these fosho. As of now just sharing the pic.. Couldn’t wait for INSTA – FUF section.

Let me know if u like this trend and is it worth the hype??

Stay tuned for my style shots tomorrow – FADED FRIDAYS



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