Smokey, Sultry and Sexy.

Hi FuFies, how’s it going. A few days ago I went out with a couple of friends for a dinner and I didn’t have much time to do an elaborate make up so decided to do super quick smokey eyes. Everyone liked my eyes and I was happy cos it just took me 5 min to do it and the results were super.
I realized I haven’t done a beauty post for a long time so why not share with you my smokey eye look.
Now, smokey eye make up needs a little bit of practice or you might end up looking like someone punched you in your eyes. Why I call this one super quick is because all I used is black liner and black shadow. You can mix various colors and use other techniques but this one is kinda simple so you can give it a shot.

Few Tips before you start
1. When you working with such dark colors, always always do the eyes first and then the rest of the face. That way in case of fall outs, which will happen, you can wipe your face clean and then apply rest  of the make up.
2. When doing heavy eyes, keep the rest of the face super natural for the best effect. That way your eyes do the talking.

For the eyes
1. Apply a base for the eye make up to lost longer and so that it doesn’t crack. I applied MAC’s Painterly Pot.
2. Then take a pencil liner ( Urban Decay’s 24/7 in Zero) and apply close to the top lashes . Don’t worry if it is thick. Apply a little more at the outer corners. Draw a small wing kind of a line. You can use a creamy liner and apply with a liner brush.
3. Apply it at the bottom as well. Take it all the way till the inside corner so that the top and the bottom lines kind of join at the inner corner
3. Now using your CLEAN finger smudge the liner applied on the lids lightly so that it looks messy. Smudge it upwards and outwards.
4. Take a pencil brush and a black eyeshadow (MAC’s Carbon) and apply it over the liner and smudge it further. This will set the liner and help you get rid of harsh lines. Do the same thing at the bottom. Smudge it a little with the black shadow and pencil brush (MAC 219).
If you do not have a pencil brush or find this one big for your eye area, you can use a ear bud to smudge the liner
5. Now take a fluffy dome brush like MAC’s 217 and a buff little more black shadow till you reach desired level of sultriness.
Don’t apply too much eye shadow. Just play with the one already applied and keep buffing it. Focus more on the outer corner. That should be the darkest , graduating lighter towards the inner corner.
6. Apply the black liner in the top and bottom waterline.
7. Take a neutral shadow like MAC’s KID and apply as a highlight color on the brown bone
8. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.

Simple Wasn’t it??

For the rest of the face
After the eyes are done, clean the fall out with a make up remover. Apply a primer, a light foundation, concealer.
Don’t leave your eyebrows, brush them and set them with an eyebrow gel.
Then apply a neutral colored blush just under the cheek bones with an angled blush
I suggest keep the lips as nude as possible, maybe just a lip gloss.

VOILA You look smokey , sultry and sexy

My Tip : Sometimes I apply a silver or a white eye pencil  instead of black in the waterline . It changes the look a little bit

A Word of advice
For a good make up it is always important to use the right tools so brushes are important like I have told you in the past so invest in some good ones. Any brand as long as they are good is fine.
Secondly the trick to a good make up as mentioned by me before also is that any harsh lines should not be visible so you have to keep blending and soften the lines.
Lastly practice makes a man perfect so keep trying. I do the same and I am getting better :-)

For what brushes to use or how to apply basic eye make up click here >>

Hope it was helpful.
Have a nice day and keep looking sexy!!


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