Slip into ‘MULES’ this Spring Summer!!

Hey Guys.. Since the weather has changed, its also time to bring changes to your wardrobe. It’s time to take out cotton shirts, shorts, linens, summery dresses blah blah. It’s also time to embrace the latest shoe trend that’s been seen on the International ramps and I am sure we will probably be seeing it soon on the racks of various high street bands. So what IS it?? 
Remember those ugly open toe shoes more like slip – ons we used to wear in 90s called “MULES” (I don’t know about you guys but I  have worn them ).  The word ‘Mule’ comes from french word for strapless slip on shoe. 
Pic courtesy : Fashionvibe
Well, they are back with a much chicer upgrade. The heels are higher and the silhouette is more modern. So if anybody looks at you with disdain for wearing those clogs just let them know that these are being touted as 2014s “IT “Shoes. Ofcourse the Shoe has got a modern twist and become much cooler than those frumpy clogs. So while you are out buying a new wardrobe do keep your eyes open for MULES

Pic courtesy : Sincerely Jules

What do you guys think.. I think they are pretty comfortable to slip into with your casuals and yet look fashionable. Must try and Must buy girls :-)
Happy Spring / Summer

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