Sling it, shut it and Forget it!!

I know I have never been a big perpetrator of small bags & have always shared my love for BIG ones. However life changes!!  Sometimes its because of fashion and sometimes it could be the circumstances that force you to adapt. in my case both the things worked.
So every time I would go to a super market I would lug around my big bag with me and most often than not I’d forget that it’s lying in the cart while go around looking for something. Then suddenly I’d remember something is missing and I run only to be relieved to see it crushed under a pile of grocery and vegetables. Poor bag!! Can you imagine some really serious brands being treated like that :-(
Ok sometimes when I am lazy to take the bag I carry the cash and phone and house keys and car keys and my license………… in my hand. Needless to say something or the other gets lost in all that chaos of handling so many things. So my friend came up with this bright idea of always carrying a small sling after she lost her bag in the supermarket and passed her pearls of wisdom to me ( Believe you me I would have never succumbed to a small bag had I not forgotten my phone in the loo in a foreign land)  I was initially quite reluctant but then I slowly convinced myself saying “Baby this is the future” especially if you are as forgetful as me hahaha. Thus started my fascination with Mini Crossbody bags or the small sling purses. As luck would have it this summer I see some unbelievably pretty colors available in the store (or were they always there!!) Anyway, I am talking about these very bright beautiful spring summer colors. Black is NOT an option at all.
I think they are a brilliant option when you running your daily errands and yet look stylish and put together. Also with people going on vacations n all, it’s a brilliant piece of accessory to take along while sight seeing or having fun. After all you don’t want any extra baggage while you shop for some more.
This summer you gotta sling these mini cuties around and run around handsfree. Remember BRIGHT is the keyword here :-)
So Sling it Shut it & Forget it.

Good for both casual and formal outings.

Pic courtesy : Vivaluxury, sincerelyjules, blondesalad, kayture, just jared
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Happy Summers


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