Sky is the Limit!!


Hello my gorgeous people. I am sure by now you would have comfortably slipped into 2016 with renewed vigour, positivity and some new year resolves of leading a healthy life, pursuing some new hobbies or finding that perfect work – life balance blah blah blah. Precisely the reason Gym memberships see a sudden surge during the month of Jan only to be given up in next few weeks. Hey I am not discouraging you in any way. All I am saying is that this is the general trend.

But if you are anyone like me who has a mild hangover of 2015 especially the last few days and is still struggling to find a stable ground in 2016 and moderately able to get through the daily routine then give me a high five people. I am still stumbling and recovering from what went by. Believe it when I say that I have not even the slightest clue as to what date is it today.

I have a list of million things that I want to do this year. Nope they are no resolutions cos I do not believe in resolutions. They are just things / normal chores I want to do to better/ simplify my life / lifestyle starting from organising my closet that seems to be giving me all sorts of panic attacks, getting my Vodafone plan changed because they somehow seem to be fleecing me with the current one & yeah packing my christmas tree..Hello, Santa went long time back!
Hurray, I have finally decided to wake up from my slumber, kick my own butt and put things into action starting with putting up the very first post blogpost of this year and diving into the thick of things. With such a sluggish start I am optimistically hoping that things can only go uphill. What say?

Having said that New Year does mean a fresh start, clean slate and new beginnings. With that in mind I hope to make this year one of the best for me and hoping the same for all of you. Hustle, work hard and do your best cos sky is the limit guys. Though slightly late but nevertheless Happy beginnings.

Leaving you with some pics from my Manali Trip & a special thanks to Priyanka Shivan for the clicks. I guess FUF helped her to find a new hobby to pursue :-)


















Dress : Zara, boots : Moon Boots
Pics : Priyanka Shivan

Lots of Love

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