Simply White!!

I was bedridden past whole week due to a severe muscle spasm and couldn’t move an inch. My doctor rightfully advised bed rest cos bed was the only place I could be in so yeah Dr Genius nothing genius about that but what’s with No heels for sometime.. Infact he went on to say that one must avoid wearing them…. Duh!! Now that I don’t understand… what is it with doctors and heels??? That’s the first solution that they come up with!! By that logic a Louboutin would never have existed and Manolos & Jimy Choo would still be living in oblivion & can you imagine what would Carrie Bradshaw do. But I guess that was not Dr Genius’ concern.  Anyway I shook my head and led him to believe that I do totally understand his point. As is the case with forbidden fruit or maybe my spasm finding its way into my brains all I could could look at was shoes, shoes and shoes while going through numerous fashion sites and magazines lying in my bed.
Spring is here and we are seeing some extremely beautiful colors on display. Electric Blues to Shocking pinks to bright yellows this season embraces a spectrum of bright colors and hues. But the one color that has caught my attention in shoes for a long time now is “WHITE”
If last year we were smitten by Nudes due to their seemingly lengthening ability. This year its about Whites – Whites with black, Studded Whites, Spiked Whites , White with silver or gold, White with Neon accents , Ivory , Egg shell or just plain White. Fashion is going gaga over White this year.
I was initially at fence over this 80s / 90s comeback but the more I am seeing it out there, the more I am gathering some courage to try them on especially the pointy pumps cos honestly they are looking the most delicious of the lot especially with the whole monochrome trend going around.

My hesitation stems from various facts, one that I am yet to see a classy one in the market  nor am I able to find the right style that looks great in this color. Secondly let me be honest, it is unimaginable to wear a white shoe on the streets of Mumbai. By the time you are back home the white might turn into some other color :-(  Thirdly its still a 80s / 90s dreaded trend when Fashion I guess was at its lowest of lows. Don’t you agree?? Lastly a wrong white shoe can look super trashy.
However, these stylish women put my fears to rest and restore my faith in White Shoes :-)

Some of my favorite picks


Christian Louboutin

Manolo Blahnik

Sergio Rossi

Michael Kors

Steve Madden Bobalu
What do you think. Is white fashionable in this form?? Would you give them a try


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