Searching for Perfection!!

Hi people, how are you all doing this week. I am still waiting for the monsoons to arrive in my city. Its getting very humid. Rains seem to be playing hide n seek with us but that’s always the case in June.Anyway some of my friends have been asking me about how to get the perfect pair of sunglasses or glasses for themselves. Ah!! that perfect pair. Trust me the search never ends and in today’s time with plethora of designs and brands, its becoming rather impossible to find the right one. The consumer is truly spoilt for choices. Let me burst the bubble, there is no perfect pair because one day you will buy one and a few days later you will find something better, it happens :-) Perhaps that’s the reason that we all might be having a whole lot of them in our wardrobe.

I feel there is no better way than trial and error and that you are your own best judge cos every face is different. If you are in a dilemma then always take that one person with you who won’t be afraid to tell you the right thing. However, having said that , there are some general guidelines that could be followed and I thought of acquainting you all with some styles.

First and foremost it is important to ascertain the shape of your face. Now let me tell you that it is a difficult job but nevertheless I have some useful information on it, so all you people spend some good time in front of the mirror and figure this one thing out cos it will be halpful for a lot of other things as well eg your haircuts.
Broadly they are divided into oval, round, oblong ,square or heart 


Curvilinear shape.

Length is equal to one and a half times width, with forehead and jaw the same width. So think of the oval face shape as egg. Oval faces are perfectly balanced so there isn’t a single frame style with which they’re not compatible. On the other hand other face shapes work best with frames that balance out their strongest features. 

Circular shaped. Length is approx equal to width.
Round faces have the opposite scenario—they have little to no sharp edges and are full all the way around. Angular frames, such as square lenses flatter and balance a round face. 

Face is longer than it is wide with a long straight cheek line so they are more narrow than wide. Sporting oversized round frames help to create the illusion of a wider, shorter face.



People with square-shaped faces tend to have a broad forehead, wide cheekbones and a prominent jawline. Wearing frames with some curve appeal, such as round or oval lenses, help balance these strong angles. 

Wide at the forehead and cheekbones, narrow at the jawline.Heart faces are wide at the forehead and cheekbones and become narrow at the chin. Frames that broaden a narrow jaw without playing up the width of the forehead, such as aviators, are good options.

I hope you understood this part. Simply put the principle is angular frames to be used with round faces and round to be used with angular faces. Pairing opposites is the mantra behind the shape game.

Different types of frames


These work especially well with oblong faces, ovals and squares. The reason being the width of the lenses and the round shape helps to balance out faces that lack petite or highly defined bone structure. If you have healthy, high cheeks, regardless of face shape, these will be uncomfortable to wear unless they’re adjusted to sit as high on your nose as possible. These are best tested by trying on. There are many sizes and colors to pick from. Bigger sizes work with larger faces, Smaller sizes will work better with smaller faces.




These are the new rage. The mixture of top-angles and bottom-roundness helps to balance out soft lines, just like the cat eye, but does so in a way that’s less dramatic, more casual, and has an air of androgynous cool.And people Ray-Ban though synonymous to wayfarers is not the only brand that carries this useful shape for oval and round faces. 

Why oversized? Well, for starters they look impossibly glamorous And they have a history of being the glasses of choice for the chicest movie stars. Following the simple mantra of pairing the opposites  an oversized round pair goes best with square faces.


This type of glasses looks divine with oblong and round faces. The big size will break up a long face and will balance out a less than perfectly defined jawline.


Cat eye sunglasses can be worn by a variety of face shapes: oval, heart, square and round. The upward angle at the top of the frame helps to create balance for soft features and draws the eye upward and away from a prominent chin; often a telltale sign of a pretty heart-shaped visage.
This type of glasses looks divine with oblong and round faces. The big size will break up a long face and will balance out a less than perfectly defined jawline.



Never before have wacky colors for sunglasses been more on trend. It simply has to be a consideration when shopping for the perfect pair(s). If you feel drawn to a color that goes beyond the basic black, brown, and tortoise shell, think about the undertone coloring of your skin. If you’re cool-toned you need to wear cool-colored shades like those in the blue, gray, and silver families. Black is definitely your color too. If you’re warm-toned, check out glasses in warm sunny yellows, golds, browns, and earthy greens.

Some tips while buying glasses

  1. Knowing your face shape, well if not exact then atleast whether its angular or not.
  2. Do the “smile test” to make sure they are sitting properly on your face and don’t move up off your nose bridge when you smile
  3. Make sure they aren’t too loose and will slide down or fall off.
  4. I recommend that you always purchase your sunglasses from a reputable department store to ensure that you are not buying an inferior or faux product. Never trust your most important asset — your eyes — to a street vendor!  
  5. It’s best to use a lens cleaner and/or lens cleaning cloth else it will scratch the lens so ensure you get that with the purchase
A Piece of information : RETRO styles are in.

Hope this was useful. Please let me know

Guys do let me know if the information I give in my articles is helping you or not. A word or 2 from you all would help me to make it better and if you have something to share then that would be even more helpful. Thanks for your support

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Have a nice day

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3 thoughts on “Searching for Perfection!!”

  1. Agree completely that sunglass hunting is one of the most strenuous shopping trips and something that you cannot do alone. You need somebody to really help you out with it.
    Have never really used the face shape as an indicator for the choice of sunglasses and gone just on my gut feel but I guess can use it the next time for better guidance. Thanks FUF

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