Scent of a Woman !!

Hey guys .. so I am back from Singapore and feeling absolutely refreshed. Of course I shopped a little but one thing that I love doing whenever I travel out of country is raiding the Duty free shops. I have forever been obsessed with shopping at duty free. It’s my thing :-) I am always in a hurry to get done with check -ins, immigrations blah blah blah and get to the best part about being on an International Airport. The glint in my eyes is unmissable. I mostly stock up on my perfumes.
There is nothing sexier than the scent of a woman. It is imperative for me to smell good to feel sexy from inside so perfumes are something I never compromise on. Girls, its the best turn on according to me. If you smell fresh half the battle is won :-) While I have my 5-6 favorites which I ensure I am never out of stock, I am always on a hunt for anything new that I could add to my collection.
My top 3 recommendations -
1. J’adore by DIOR – It’s just the best. Period!!
2. Issey Miyake – just stepped out of shower, feeling fresh smell!
3. Burberry Body – it’s sensuous!
The prices at Duty free shops are easily the most competitive and I love all the offers that they have on these things. I almost always end up getting a sexy goody with the purchase. So cool!!
Duty free is also a great place to pick up gifts for friends and family. Perfumes are the easiest hassle free gifts for anyone. I picked up J’adore and got a J’adore body lotion along with it which together would be an awesome gift for your wife / girlfriend / friend. Besides, its never enough when it comes to perfumes. I sometimes love mixing perfumes and wearing them. It makes a nice concoction  but beware with how much lest you should end up smelling like a fruit basket.
In India  Delhi Duty free is the best place to shop for perfumes. Located at terminal T3 its a spacious wonderland. They pledge to return the difference if you find it cheaper anywhere else in the city. I am a little apprehensive about picking up perfumes locally from anywhere else cos they could easily be fakes but there is no such worry when you buy from Delhi Duty free.
Incase you are picking it as a gift and the person does not like it OR for some reason have second thoughts about the purchase, Delhi Duty free guarantee ensures that you get a refund for the product from anywhere in the world. Just ensure that goods are in same condition as was sold and you contact them within 21 days of purchase with the sale receipt.
So next time you traveling out of Delhi do let me know your Delhi Duty free experience or if you already have one do share it with me.
Happy gifting !


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