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This one I saved for just before Diwali cos this one is special. I was discussing with my friend that how I wanted to do a special post for Diwali because last year due to some reasons I missed out on presenting anything special. This was just before I planned to shoot Garden of Eden. She immediately came up with this idea of styling a sari since I had never done it so it will be different.

I was extremely apprehensive cos firstly who will tie the sari at 6 in the morning for me. Secondly where do I find a blouse on such short notice and thirdly I am extremely clumsy with this Indian Fabric. I slept over the idea and continued with my other plans. It however stayed in my mind as I continued with all my planned shoots silently working on this look on the side as an option that may not see the light of the day.

Several thoughts were running through my mind as to- which sari, what look?? – should it be modern or traditional? should it be sexy or Elegant?? Sabya or Manish?? Countless images were conjuring in my mind- Sridevi in Kaate nahi kat te , Madhuri in Dhak Dhak, Rani atop a snow clad mountain, Mumtaaz in Aaaj Kal Tere mere, Priyanka in Bajirao or Rekha in an elegant Kanjivaram. What to do?? (I have no clue how I would have pulled off a Sridevi or Madhuri or even Rani in snow! but what the hell..Its brainstorming!!) Inspirations were running agog, coming in multitude forms.

Of course being married to a South Indian means access to some beautiful Traditional Kanjivaram delight. So that’s it, a couple of frantic calls were made to mom -in – law. Obviously an overenthusiastic MIL at the very idea of her DIL asking for a sari & the thought of seeing me in 9 yards (which btw is very rare) stepped up the gear (At this point I remembered FUF reaches all her relatives too so she must be pretty excited :-) )and came back to me with 4-5 options . All of them carefully selected & packed. You have no idea how South Indians love their Kanjivarams. I must say they were all gorgeous. I rummaged through the section of the cupboard that I hardly pay any attention to and managed to find a top that could go with any of these heirloom pieces.

The alarm was set 2.5 hours before the reporting time, usually it is 1.5 hours. Extra 1 hour to tie my sari. After a few trials and errors and some 100 safety pins later I managed to get it right. The shoot went off pretty well though both Ushmi & me ran out of ideas to pose in a sari. I was pleased with the results and sent a couple of pics to MIL. She was ecstatic. One stone two birds!! Now that is happiness. Special thank u to my friend for seeding this idea in my mind :-)

Happy Dhanteras & Happy Diwali :-)

Leaving you with some more inspiration on what to wear from your current closet. Hope u like it


FUF Sari Collage 5


FUF Sari Collage 2


FUF Sari Collage 3




FUF Sari Collage 4



FUF Sari Collage 1


Sari : Kanjivaram (belongs to my dearest MIL) , Choli : Vintage Earth (old), Jewelry : Thrifted & old, Tattoo : Flash Tattoos
Pics : Ushmi

Love & Good wishes

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