Ripped enough for you??

Remember that time ( I think somewhere in 90s) when ripped denims were considered epitome of cool & badass. Some of the images that crop in my mind are that of grungy head banging Rockstars strumming their guitar strands and belting out some kick ass music without giving a damn about their sartorial decisions. (Oooh how much I wanted to be like them and that I can’t even hold a guitar is a different story altogether) Little did they know that “grunge chic” would officially make an entry into the fashion lexicon of the world. Ripped jeans have since been synonymous to carefree, cool, rebellious, care a damn attitude for me.

They are back since last few years and the degree of “shredidness” seems to be increasing every year. I remember buying a pair for myself many many years ago. Since I wasn’t too happy with the subtlety of distress I decided to take matters in my own hand. I got hold of a pair of scissors and literally made some gigantic holes in them and pulled out threads to make them look as run over, stripped & shredded as possible. So from subtle distress they went on to become hyper distressed..I must say it was pretty dumb of me. My mom couldn’t believe that her daughter had almost raped a pair of brand new jeans in the name of fashion (which mind you had costed me half of my month’s salary) and threw her hands in ¬† despair & disgust. Me on the other hand despite performing a very shoddy job felt like a total Rockstar wearing them to every possible place and not caring about how hideous they looked. Till one day they magically disappeared cos I think my mom couldn’t bear the agony any more.

Cut to recent times when you see cutout denims tearing the swish fashion circuit and making way on to the streets. Only thing is that they literally are being ripped in the darndest possible ways. Some have big oversized holes at the thighs and some are teared mercilessly from top to bottom revealing plenty amount of skin. Then there are slashes at the hips and  some hideous cutouts at weird places. The question here is how ripped is ripped???

Personally I love distressed trend and I am constantly looking for things that are ripped apart. I feel they depict a little rebellion in me. However how far am I willing to go at this age is another question. I think Thigh to Ankle rips can work for someone who is extremely young but otherwise too much skin on display by way of rips could look shoddy and out of place unless you are someone who can carry the look with a swag. In my experience the ripped looks the best where jeans would naturally rip like around the knees and slightly above and below with a few tasteful patches here and there. Anything more & they look like gone too far , you know like the one I attempted to create many many years ago but also then I was very very young. Now I settle for subtlety.

The Looks that work for me


What do you guys think.. Do you concur with this trend. How much Ripped is Ripped enough for you? I would love to hear your POV.

Stay Stylish
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