Reflection Perfection : Mirrored Sunglasses

I don’t know about other parts of the world but Summer has hit us and like how here in Mumbai. It already feels like May. I wonder how will we survive the whole of season. Remember my 3 Mantras
1. Drink plenty & I mean really plenty of Water
2. Never Ever step out without a Sunscreen
3. Always & just always carry the single most important accessory with you – a pair of stylish sunglasses. They will not only save you from the Sun but make you look the coolest in this Hot weather
I am sure you all must be having a few in your collection but have you picked up the latest style craze being seen around the world. Mirrored Sunglasses are the coolest summer accessory being flaunted around by the stylish brigade. Being sported by the most fashionable on the streets has definitely made these the IT accessory for the season & if they are colored then it is Perfection.

Blue seems to be the color of choice but there are many to choose from. Of course they are tricky to carry but then Fashion is about making some really cool statements. If you looking for inspiration I have plenty to provide. The point is Do you have it in you to rock them like a Movie Star !! Well, I am definitely gonna try.

Now, I have always insisted on Investing in a very good pair of Sunglasses cos cmon they are meant to protect you from the Sun besides providing the cool chic vibe but for these once in a while fads you can go easy on your pockets. However I would recommend nothing less than a trusted brand like Ray Ban or Oakleys.  Check out these cool ones from their collection at RED HOT SUNGLASSES


OAKLEY Frogskins

I think with Spring breakers due for a release this trend is gonna pick up like fire after you see the cool Serena Gomez sporting her Knockaround glasses. She surely has knocked us out with that look.

I am craving for a bikini and a pair of glasses like NOW.


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