The Red Stone


I just finished reading the first book from the Moghul series by Alex Rutherford. This one was the“Raiders from the North”. Very interesting and extremely inspiring. Inspiring because I had no clue about the hardships and setbacks faced by Babur, the first emperor of the Mughal empire (I was very weak in my history classes in school). It gives an interesting account of Babur’s life, his wins, his losses, his defeats, his helplessness at many places but most of all his never day die spirit. What stayed with me the most was how Babur always wished to rule over the city of Samarkand. He even succeeded in capturing it three times but how he would lose it every time due to some unfortunate circumstances. It was so heartbreaking. Ultimately it dawned upon him that he was probably going after the wrong thing and therefore facing defeat. He then decided to painfully let go of one thing he had so wanted & shifted his focus elsewhere. Thus started his journey towards laying the foundation for Mughal dynasty in Indian Subcontinent and he became the first Mughal emperor. I think he was a total dude & a great guy who with his grit & determination made inroads into the Indian Subcontinent through Punjab, Delhi & Agra and ended the Lodi dynasty. I am now reading the 2nd part which is about Humayun which also is interesting so far. Will let you know about it once I finish.

From the Mughal dynasty I remembered my recent trip to Delhi where I had clicked some pictures but completely forgot to share with you all. Delhi is so beautiful as a city with such rich history. I have visited all the monuments as a child since I used to live there and remember going to most of the places for school picnics. This time I decided to revisit Delhi and go to these places which I hadn’t been to for more than 2 decades. It was good fun. I had completely forgotten how these places looked. I couldn’t visit Agra but probably next time. Delhi has a very prominent Red color to it since most monuments are of that color & so are the outer walls of all the residences of these political aficionados.

I could manage some pictures in Jantar Mantar without too much crowd in the background. Rest of the places were filled with so many people. It was almost impossible to capture me alone in the frame :-)












Lots of Love

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