Rains & the City!!


I am so happy to bring these pictures to you that I shot a few days ago for Sonya Vajifdar label.
I still have vivid memories of my childhood when I was completely repelled by the idea of wearing a Raincoat to school. OMG what are my parents thinking. How can they even think of destroying my uber cool persona (that btw was only my perception..nobody even cared two hoots). Right from my front door to my school gate my misery would continue day after day after day but there was no getting out of the blessed Raincoat. Anyway after having survived those rather painful years I vowed never to wear a Raincoat again till I chanced upon Sonya’s label almost 5 years ago.

I was amazed at how creatively she had worked with these waterproof fabrics and turned a boring Raincoat into every fashionista’s must have Rainwear. The only designer in India to come up with high fashion Rainwear, Sonya plays with colours, hemlines and trends like polka dots, exaggerated sleeves, sequins to bring you something unique and different. Today 5 years hence I got a chance to collaborate with her.

Monsoon being so synonymous with Bombay kind of gave rise to the concept of this story. I wanted to bring out the love affair of Rains with Bombay so taking you through all the great landmarks of my beautiful city while reminiscing good old school days. It’s a story of a small innocent girl who arrives one fine day in the Big Bad city with dreams in her eyes. Pigtails and Raincoats kind of bring out the  innocent school girl charm while the picturesque landmarks provide a perfect backdrop.  I was hoping it would rain a little to make it look more romantic but the Rain Gods seemed to be on strike for now.

I wanted a different kind of treatment to this shoot so I discussed my concept with Nik of Say Cheeze Photography whose work I have adored for a long time. He was immediately on board and after a quick look at his schedule took out a date for the shoot. While we drove from one location to another with me taking short breaks for a quick touch up and changing into my flats once shots were taken, Nik worked the magic with his lens  for this post on one Sunday morning. Without boring you more, here are the pictures from the shoot. I hope you like them.


IMG_0069 copy




IMG_0023e copy




IMG_0089 copy






Rainwear collage

IMG_0034 copy

Rainwear : Sonya Vajifar label
Photography : Niklesh Malkani of Say Cheeze Photography

Happy Monsoon!!
Shonima Kaul

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