Rain – Proof

Hi People, How are things with you all. Monsoons are kind of playing Hide &  Seek but nevertheless they are here. I know Its hard to look stylish while trying to keep yourself from getting wet but do not let the Rains dampen your mood. There is a solution to all the style problems. You just need the right accessories and you are all set to take it head on.

Here is how I would dress on a rainy day and you are free to look through my list.

1. The most important style essential according to me for a rainy day will be a Trench Coat. Burberry Trenches are the best in business but if you do not wish to spend that much there are a whole lot of trench coats available in high street brands and they are super stylish

These look super chic and just raise your style quotient way up as compared to anything else.
If you are not into this classic color go for Blues or Reds. But I would any day wear a classic trench and brave the rains in style.

2. The other option is some really colorful rain gears or a sheer raincoat

3. Try wearing something short as its easier to wipe off your legs than trying to dry your soaked jeans or jeggings. Shorts are the best for a casual outing. If going to work our out in the evenings why not try wearing a dress.

4. If shorts or short dresses is not an option, I would wear a dark colored skinny jeans either navy or Black. They are best to hide the splashes from the puddle

5. The other style essential for me would be a pair of Wellies. Hunter wellies being the best
However there are a whole lot of Rain Boots in various colors. You must invest in a pair of Rain Boots. They will keep your feet dry and make you look great at the same time. I would wear them with a pair of shorts or roll my jeans inside them. Either ways you are sure to looks great.

6. If Boots are not your thing or if you going to work, Obviously you can not be wearing these. Nothing to worry some brands have come out with jelly sandals especially for rains. Its a little hard to find super stylish ones but if you hunt for a pair, I am sure you will find them

7. A pair of flip flops is another essential for Rainy days. Buy a cute Hawaian for a casual walk in the rain.

8. Taking out leather items in rains is a NO NO.  Go for sheer perspex bags. They are bang on trend and colorful to cheer up your mood.

9. And when we are talking rains how can we forget our trusted Umbrellas. I personally love the clear umbrellas, I am yet to find one for myself but you could go for some funky colors. Find the ones that are foldable and can easily be slipped in your bags. You never know where you might need them.

10. Waterproof Make Up girls. Thats what you would need on a Rainy day

These are some of the ways I would try and keep myself looking great even during a down pour.
If you have a tip or 2 do let me know. It would be helpful

Have a great Monsoon

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