Que Sera Sera!!

Past few days have been very hard on me both physically and emotionally. I have been under the weather and not feeling too good about things. As a result have been consumed by stress eating and as many of you know feeding too much comfort food loaded with sugar and carbs can only lead to further slump. I eat and then feel guilty about eating junk and then eat more because I am not feeling good. It’s a vicious cycle that needs to be broken :-)

Many a times we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations & by uncomfortable i mean something we are not pleased with or are finding difficult to deal with . We have our own ways of coping with them like for me i will cut myself off from everyone and sulk for sometime and then after I am really tired of self pitying i will kick my own butt and bounce back much stronger.

I feel we can not let people or situations break us. Sure some stuff is harder to cope than other so it may just take longer time to bounce but you will. I mean you have to. At that moment it hurts and it hurts a lot but then i ask myself could i have done something more & if the answer is yes, i will give it multiple shots but if the answer is NO, its best to leave it at that and move forward. Maybe its not meant to be any more and like someone told me dont fear to lose anything .. if its meant to be it will be.. if not just dont sweat about it. I guess I decided to give up on my fear… Que sera sera.

I was finally feeling a little better so took out this bright blue long shirt for a day out. I realised that one of the advantages of not being so tall is that u could wear a long top as a dress. Now here’s looking at the brighter side and beating those blues. Cheers












Dress : zara, shoes :louboutin
Pics : Dimple

Always Believe something good will happen

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