Put your best (covered) leg forward.

Hi Beautifuls, Now that we have gone past Monday, I am sure everyone is already feeling better. Did you figure out all those essential pieces of clothing for the Work wear in your wardrobe. Super.  If not refer to my post on Power of Dressing. Time to move ahead. We will do a series on Workwear cos hello that’s where we spend most of our lives. This is the second in the series.

Yeah I know Angie’s right leg made the world go in a tizzy and left us all gasping for more. It did not take more than a few minutes for the new twitter handle to come up. How cool is a bare leg!!

But I understand most of us are not comfortable showing off our pins especially at work place and definitely not the Angie way though how cool would that be for our male co workers. I cant comment on the effects on balance sheets though hahaha. So Trousers / Pants to our rescue. They are conservative workwear but who says can’t be stylish. You don’t agree with me check out Angie. Even she covers them up once in a while.

Angelina Jolie at Women’s summit in NYC

They essentially are the most important part of everyone’s work wardrobe. The most important thing about Trousers is the fit, otherwise you might as well wear PJs. So ensure they are snug at the hips and are falling properly. I hate the ones that do not have a proper fall could be because of the material or the cut. Everyone cannot make good trousers, find out which brands suit you the most. There are various kind of styles in trousers or pants. 

The most common are the classic straight fit trousers that usually everyone wears. A basic black and a white are very important. They also come in stretch cotton types and fit perfect. Check out the fall, flare and the length. These are proper classics. Anything else you think are classic sorry please chuck them out of the window.

classic straight leg

Victoria Beckham seems to be wearing a slightly cropped version of the same. A simple black top and a short cropped jacket makes the outfit look so clean & structured.

But if you want to try out something apart from the classic trousers, keep reading.

Cropped Cigarette Pants
These are my favorite pair of pants to be worn at work. The reason being their versatility, they look good with both tucked in or tucked out shirts, tunic tops, Kurtis,  jackets. Also they can be worn with cute ballet flats, kitten heels, 3 inch heels or 6 inches. They look good with everything.
Again the fit is important. The right one gives you a slimming effect.

Look at the way you can wear them

You can also roll them up a little and wear them with heels

Some of the celebs wearing these

If you want the jacket Kate is wearing, you can find it in ZARA.

My Tip : If your job involves a lot of running around, then cropped cigarette pants are for you. Wear them with cute ballet flats or kitten heels. You can not be strutting around in heels all day long. Also if need be get them a little altered for that perfect cropped pencil look.

Boot Cut Trousers
These are a must try pair. They look so classy if worn properly.

See these give a slightly boxy effect so it is essential to wear them with heels to give an elongated look unless you are blessed with a really good height. The length is long, almost grazing the floor.
Jennifer Aniston seems to love them. Check out the various ways in which she is wearing them.

If you feel you are curvy and short, take a leaf out of Kim K’s style

Deepika is wearing a white one with a coral top and is looking great. Check out that cute belt that is adding that extra edge.

My Tip : These flared bottoms work well with fitted and minimalist look on the top. Wear with high heels and you are sure to make a statement.

If you really want to be seen different from the crowd and be taken seriously then Pant Suits are for you. They are best for that formal corporate look and just give you that edgy confidence to take on the world. They are available in various kinds. Check out some of them

Priyanka Chopra exuded every bit of confidence in her classy Giorgio Armani Pant Suit

My Tip : Try and get a Pant Suit stitched rather than picking off the shelf. Get a slim fit one cos that will help you look powerful yet feminine

And if you are one of the lucky ones to have Friday dressing and if and only if your office dress code allows then do try these beautiful colors. They add so much color and make you look bright & ready for a Friday night drinks. They are also a cool alternative to jeans which almost everyone would be wearing on a Friday so why not look different from the crowd :-)
 But try them with contrasting colors preferably muted ones cos after all it is an office.

I know 80% women wear trousers to work but do you think all of them manage to look good. What is the reason. They don’t pay attention to what suits them.

PS : I have used “Fit” a lot of times just to emphasize the importance of this attribute. It can make or break the outfit so be sure of it. Cmon girls Put your best leg forward so what if it is covered you are sure to make people notice.

My favorite brand for trousers are Express and Limited. Try them, they really know how to make their trousers. Zara also keeps good cropped ones & cargo pants.

Bombay High is another store you should definitely check out for formal wear especially Pant Suits. They look promising.

Hope you will find this post useful when going for trouser shopping.

A Note from me : I am trying to give you as many pictorial references as possible so that you know how each piece or style looks. A visual aid is always better. So keep these styles in mind when you go shopping next time. You can find them in any brand, any store. Keep looking.

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