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Rituals 24 hr hydrating cream

Hey guys
I just randomly thought of starting this new section on the Blog which will be called “Product I love” (renamed as “Spotlight on-”). I will try and put 1 every week (mostly on a Monday) so watch out for it. This is basically going to be some Product or Brand that I found from somewhere (either accidentally or someone introduced me or I read about it and tried it or discovered in one of my Travels) and I loved it. It could be SKIN, FASHION, MAKEUP , BEAUTY, TECH OR LIFESTYLE RELATED. Anything that I feel is not seen too much around or not many people know about it or it doesn’t get too much mileage which it deserves. So maybe lesser known products/brands / things that I found and really liked e.g. NUTROVA that I shared with you guys in my last blogpost. I don’t think many people know about it but it’s a great product so you must give it a try. OK now that you get the drift. Here is the other product / brand I wanna talk about.

PS : The products I will talk about may or may not be available in India but its always good to know so that you could look for these next time you travelling somewhere or if you spot them you know you have to give it a try.

Rituals 24 hr hydrating cream

I discovered this brand “RITUALS” almost a year and a half ago in one of my trips to DUBAI. I randomly walked into the store and immediately fell in love with it. There was something nice about it so I decided to try a few products. I don’t remember what all I bought (maybe some shower gels) but I also picked up this gel moisturiser from them but totally forgot about it as you know I was averse to putting moisturisers a while ago. However I found this jar in my makeup cabinet a while ago and with lot of skepticism decided to use it (since it was a bit pricey). After a few days I was hooked.

First of all its a gel moisturiser so not at all heavy for my skin especially what we need in summers. Its a light gel formula but does the job very well. my skin feels very hydrated and nothing heavy
Secondly its rich in Antioxidants and contains Hyaluronic Acid

Why is Hyaluronic Acid important
Hyaluronic Acid benefits every different age , every different skin type, skin condition. Its a wonderful HUMECTANT. Humectant is something that grabs water from the air, binds together and holds on to it so it basically retains the moisture. We as humans already have HA in our body. when we apply it topically , your skin recognises it as one of your skin ingredient and is therefore accepted very well by the skin. It is like giving your skin an instant quench of water and hydration. So it helps in retaining skin’s plumpness.
It is especially good for people staying in humid weather where there is lot of moisture in the air which can be grabbed and given to your skin.

So this product kinda checks out all the boxes for me and therefore I love it.

Its not available in India yet but if you are travelling to Dubai or New York or London keep your eyes open for this brand and do try it out.

Hope you like this section :)

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