Powerhouse of Strength – Legs!!

FUF Legs workout

Hi Girls.. Its Fitness Friday today so I thought I will talk to you about the most essential part of weight training – The Legs!!!

FUF Legs workout

Its the most dreaded but also the most important aspect of your workout regime.

First and foremost let me bust some myths about weight training / fat loss.
1. Spot Reduction does not happen with weight training / exercising. If anyone is telling you to keep doing one body part so you will lose your fat in that portion is just bullshitting. Lets just get that very straight. Spot Reduction can only happen with Figure correction methods like Liposuction, Tummy Tucks etc etc.

2. Training the same body part everyday does not help. If you have a big Ass and you think by working on your legs all 5 days in a week can help you reduce it – NOT AT ALL. Similarly upper body – NO it doesn’t work. You HAVE to train all your body parts to achieve desired results. Every muscle that gets torn during workouts need to heal and repair. If you will keep hitting the same muscle again n again, how and when will it recover??
Rather you will be causing more damage to yourself.

3. My legs are lean I do not need to work on them. Its Rubbish. Some of us are blessed with good legs and we think we do not need to train them. Listen girls you might have good legs but if you want killer legs you have to train them insane.

PS : My trainer makes most fun of my legs :-( He says I need to work max on them and here I was thinking Gosh my legs are great. Atleast I don’t need to work on them. Guess what – I need to work hardest on them.

FUF Fitness legs squats

Now that the myths have been busted lets move on to why Legs??
1. Legs are the biggest muscle in our body. they are also supposed to be the Powerhouse of strength. If you have good looking legs but weak ones you will suffer through your weight lifting regime like I do. I hate doing legs and would always find excuses to not do them. With the result a lot of my movements suffer when doing Functional or cross fit movements e.g.. any olympic lift or power lifting that you do, the whole thrust has to come from your lower body. If that is weak there is no way you can sustain your workout. Infact you will fail miserably.

2. Because legs are the largest muscle group in your body so you are gonna get biggest metabolic benefit by training legs. Also Squats and Deadlifts are great compound movements that involve a whole lot of muscle groups so you are actually working on a whole lot of muscles. So actually Training legs helps in max fat loss rather than doing Cardio. Isn’t that a good enough reason!


3. Mental strength- Training legs is actually very hard and challenging physically as well as mentally. If i just strut in the gym lazily and someone tells me lets do legs. I won’t be able to do it. You have to train your mind rather psyche it before the Legs day. Only then will you find a mind and body connect. So do it for that mental endurance.

Finally what to do when it comes to Training your Legs??

FUF Fitness Lunges

I have made it essential to train my legs at least once in a week but you know what I am thinking of increasing it to twice a week and I will tell you why in the next Fitness Friday Article so keep an eye on this space.

As of now, all I have to say is that Please do include the following
-Stiff leg Deadlifts in your workout

A few things from my experience
1. Do not worry about the weight.. Get the form right. It is extremely important else it won’t work the right muscles and you will end up damaging your knees or back.

2. Lifting heavy will not make you bulge girls. it will only help so once you have gained the confidence Go heavy.. As heavy as you can but do not compromise on forms. I can only do 25 kg squats max even after exercising for years so get the drift.

3. Start with just an empty Barbell rod but I urge you to NOT use the assisted Squat machine. Get your trainer to help you but do it on your own because only then will it help. I am telling you from my own experience. I can lift heavier when it comes to assisted but it has not helped me in anyway. My squats still suck so now I squat using squat rack. It has made my form better and challenges me more.

4. Go as much down as you can. I have seen people doing half squats and it doesn’t help. You have to almost sit down. I know it is very difficult and I want to give up after 4 reps but that is where the mental strength lies.

5. Lastly do as many squat movements as you can.. There are various form of squats that you can do – it doesn’t matter if you spend one full session just doing Squats

Will talk more about legs later. For now you get the drift :-)

So keep calm & do the Squat!!

Stay Fit
Shonima Kaul

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