Power of Dressing – Broad outline

Hi Girls
Its the first day of the week and I knooooww how it feels to get back to work after a super hectic weekend that just whizzed past you like Vrooooom. You are desperately trying to catch few extra winks before you get back to the mundane work routine and on top of that you have to think what to wear. Hey Wait… Isn’t that the best part of the whole deal.
For me to get dressed for work is the most crucial part of the day cos that is what gives you the confidence to face this judgmental world. Our Corporate world is so quick to form opinion about you just by looking at the way you are dressed that it becomes very important to dress appropriately so for me its not Power Dressing. Its the Power of Dressing!!

Ok, there is no need to fret over it or panic, the rules remain simple. Be comfortable and confident.
What I have tried here to do is to give you a sort of broad outline on mixing and matching different pieces and arriving at different looks

For this you need few basics in your wardrobe which I am sure all of you will definitely have. You just need to find them and put them all together. Let’s see what all

1. Trousers – Black , cream, white
2. Button up shirts – White is a must along with other basic colors. Also try getting neutral shade this season. It does go with anything and everything.
3. Tunic Tops – Incase you are not in a mood to be very formal formal and you are more comfortable in a longer top.
4. Pencil Skirt – This is again a must have item. It looks classy. Get a black one. The length depends on whatever you are comfortable with just don’t go very short
5. Dresses – Try and have 2-3 formal looking dresses in your wardrobe. They are a welcome change from the regular office going very formal wear.
6. Blazer or a knitted outerwear- A black or grey. Need not be very fitted or formal. Refer to my post on Chuck the Boyfriend, Keep the Blazer
7. Belts – A narrow & broad one in black atleast.
8. Day Bag – Satchel or tote whatever kind you like. Just ensure its big enough to carry your stuff.
9. Heels or flats.

The work environment differs from place to place. Some offices require you to be very formal and are extremely strict about their dress code especially banks or finance sector. There are some which are relaxed. They are not very strict and allow semi formals and Friday dressings and then there are the very casual ones who don’t follow any dress codes usually the Ad agencies, Media houses, production companies.
However the function that requires to interact with the client is expected to dress formally and follow a certain dress code. It is actually recommended that you dress up formally when meeting the clients. It helps.
Now depending on where you work, you need to dress appropriately.
Have a look at what all you can do with these 5 – 6 pieces in your wardrobe.

Isn’t this awesome. You can play with 5 items (trouser / shirt/blazer / dress /skirt )and achieve these different looks.
Try using it as a reference chart and play around with them. This is just to give you an idea about what you can do with basic stuff.
Let me place it one below the other so that you get a better sense of it

Hope you got what I am trying to explain :-)))

My Tip : Pin up this as a reference chart in your wardrobe so that you can glance through it in the morning and decide what look you want for that day

Have a wonderful Week at Work &
Stay tuned for more on Power of Dressing……

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