POP! Goes my Heart.

That is exactly what happens when I see Kate Spade stores or collections. One of my favorite brand for handbags and accessories – Kate Spade just brightens up my life. The ah-mazing colors, cutesy patterns and quirky designs that’s what we get to see with their stuff. It’s stepping into another era like 70s where life is in full technicolor. Kate Spade has done a great job in positioning itself as totally a girl’s girl brand with bright candy floss colors, vibrant graphics and very feminine designs.
I do make it a point to buy something from Kate Spade when shopping abroad just to add that element of funk in my wardrobe. Be it shoes, belts or even organisers they are just fun and satiate my very girly appetite for cutsey glam. While the whole Kate Spade candy floss girl look could be a little too much happening for us, just that one piece of accessory works very well. I am especially in love with their handbags / clutches.
Right now what I am really aching to get my hands on are these OMG cute pop Art inspired clutches and handbags from their Spring Summer 2013 collection They just look so much fun to hold in your hand. That Pop of color is enough make you happy. Even their Whites are so bright!
While you are checking out the clutches and the bags do NOT miss out on the nails. One of the best seen on the Runway. Full on Gingham style :-)

Shoes in such pretty colors

And my favorite item would be this wicker tube bag to carry your favorite bottled water. How cool is that!!

With Spring round the corner, Aren’t these the perfect accessories to welcome Spring in 2013. I am losing my sleep and I somehow have to get my hands on them for that Pop of color.

Currently in my head:
“I said I wasn’t gonna lose my head 
but then  Pop! goes my heart
I wasn’t gonna fall in love again
but then Pop! goes my heart
And I just can’t let you go”


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