Picture Perfect.

Hi Everyone,  Aren’t we all happy it is a weekend. Ah the small pleasures of life.Did I ever tell you I once joined Art classes cos I think I got hit by something in my head. I can’t even draw a straight line with a scale let alone free hand. What was I thinking??
I am not a big lover of Art as such but I do like some styles like one of my favorites is this artist based out of Miami –  Romero Britto mainly because of his colorful work. Its just so vibrant. I also like Andy Warhol. But what I love the most are fashion illustrations. They can make life look like a fairy Tale.  I think that’s the reason I joined the classes but thankfully soon realised my potential hahaha. Anything fashionable inspires me and also makes me do crazy things.

Today I thought I would just show you some beautiful fashion illustrations I came across by this artist based out of Florida – Bree Leman. I wonder why all these artists move to Florida. I think I should also move there soon.  Her work is just breathtaking and I have shown some of her work in my previous post.  What I love about them is that life just looks so Picture Perfect in them and I wish to be a part of these pictures. You can visit her site on – www.breeleman.com

For now here is some work by her and I so love it

and there are some more in my post That extra half an Inch

Like I said I love fashion illustrations and I have seen many but I am yet to come across such beautiful ones so thought of sharing them with you all.

Leaving you all with this beautiful piece of Art for the weekend. Will catch up with you on Monday.

Ta Ta


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