Perfect for the Rainy weather ???

So we experienced the first real showers yesterday and looks like monsoons have officially set in. We in Mumbai have mixed feeling towards rains. Initially we welcome them with euphoric joy.. maybe throw in a happy dance too cos it brings the much needed respite from the blistering heat during April – May.  As soon as the reality sets in and we hit the roads comes the annoyance due to the mayhem caused in the city with water logging & ever increasing traffic jams. Suddenly you are reminded of the nursery rhyme that you used to sing as children.
I have witnessed people complaining about the weather irrespective of the gender you are talking to although the reasons for whining are completely different. Men for instance are wary of the traffic related situation & the muck that comes along. On the other hand women mostly complain about the wet weather  for reasons not so related to the climate but mainly due to the fashion related issues that accompany it it & justifiably so.
You see firstly our hair starts behaving wonky so obviously no amount of blow dry works. Second of all whatever you wear, you have to hide it under something that will keep you dry so what’s the whole freakin point?? and thirdly you cannot be wearing heels. In a city like Mumbai where wearing heels is anyway considered to be a peril, imagine wearing them on dirty mucky muddy roads !!  But but but the good thing is that if you have nailed the rain look perfectly then suddenly life doesn’t look so bad on a rainy day :-) Right??
My biggest issue in Rains is the footwear. I love wearing flip flops but the amount of mud it splashes while walking is just not funny. I have come to believe that flat ankle straps or something that’s close from behind is a perfect solution. I recently bumped into these beautiful jelly flats from Stuart Weitzman on my trip to Dubai and thought that these are the perfect Monsoon shoes for my city. I love the designs and even though they are plastic -y (personally i hate plastic shoes) they do not look cheap (mind you they aren’t!). What do you think.. Would you wear these?? They any good???
YAY OR NAY guys??

Happy Monsoon people
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