Pearls of Wisdom on The Art of Eating Right !!

So you all know that I am a big fitness freak and if you are there on my FB page  you would know that I always insist on eating right cos that constitutes a major part of your weight loss regime. I have had the good fortune of knowing the celebrated nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar for a long time now. I may no longer be her client but she has had a huge influence on shaping my eating habits and I still majorly follow her simple yet extremely effective fundas.
Needless to say that when she came out with her 2 books I was amongst the first few to buy and gobble them up in one go. Her writing is as simple as her talking. Extremely motivating and a very positive influence on you Rujuta has come a long way so I was thrilled to bits when she invited me for her first ever DVD launch on the “The Art of eating Right”.
What I love about Rujuta is that she insists on eating food that is locally made and easily available. In this DVD she bursts many myths that we are living by like Ghee is not good or One shouldn’t be touching Rice if one wants to stay in shape. It’s pretty interesting when she gives you valid scientfic reasons behind her theories. And we have all seen that she doesn’t faff else how would we have been introduced to Kareena’s still talked about size 0 which they both laugh about cos both of them do not believe in size 0.
Kareena as always was there to celebrate and motivate Rujuta’s yet another successful venture and let me tell you It’s a delight to hear Kareena. She is totally at ease and so earnest in insisting that she is not at all lying about here eating Parathas or rice or samosas. You at once like her even more.
And that is infact true, Rujuta will never stop you from eating anything unless you are committing harakiri. She only insists on eating at the right time. There is a way to cheat your brains and she is an expert in telling you how. So if you wanna know more quickly go and buy the DVD.

BTW did I tell you that she is herself super gorgeous and sexy!!


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