Paris, je t’aime !!

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Hi People I finally managed to sort through tons of pictures I took in Paris. Ok I won’t lie half of them are only of Eiffel. I clicked Eiffel from every possible angle & perspective. Eiffel alone, me with Eiffel, Eiffel in the front, Eiffel in the back, Eiffel on the side, bottom, top, far, close….Phew!! No wonder it took forever to segregate the pics. Anyway here I am with my Paris Diary. The best part about travelling alone is that you can do things at your own pace and time but the worst is that there is no one to click your pics so you have to make do with whatever the passers by can click and you have to politely thank them for it even if its the worst one in your life. I somehow managed to get hold of nice people and made them work on their photography skills. I can be relentless ;-)
Paris 0Cover

Needless to say Paris is beautiful. Every frame is like a picture postcard & most importantly it’s such a romantic city. You can feel it in the air. One feels so inspired by the beautiful ornate structures, quaint little cafes, walking on those cobbled streets along the River Sienne and absorbing the energy of the city. I would wake up really early, take long walks and get mesmerised by the beauty around me. Sometimes I would just sit in a cafe doing nothing but just watch the flow of life go by with someone playing a beautiful parisian tune on the Accordion in the background. It was all so surreal.
My most favourite part though was to go to Eiffel every single day. I would stand agog for minutes and keep admiring the monument while dreaming of all the Romance I have ever fantasised in my life. Sadly I was alone. My Bucket list does include a romantic dinner at Le Jules Verne at the top of the Eiffel with the most outstanding panoramic view. I am confident it will happen someday.

Some of the things apart from doing all the touristy stuff & of course visiting Eiffel that one must do in Paris
1. Eat Crepes especially the Nutella crepe
2. Go to Pont des Arts Bridge (love lock bridge) & pledge your love for someone you love
3. Visit Sacra coeur and take a walk around that neighbourhood
4. Moulin Rouge is a must see
5. Ride the Bateau Mouche especially around sunset & sip a champagne with your partner
6. Do not miss the sparkling Eiffel
7. Take a walk at Rue St. Honore even if its just window shopping
8. Listen to the street music played on accordion. it is beautiful
9. Kiss your partner under the Eiffel
10. Lastly if you are a tea drinker like me pls carry your own teabags from India.
Leaving you all with lot of pictures. Hope you like them
Paris 2

Paris 3

Paris 1

Paris 6

Paris 4

Paris 8

Paris 7

Paris 5

Paris 17

Paris 35

Paris 33

Paris 25

Paris 26

Paris 18

Paris 9

Paris 20

Paris 22

Paris 24

Paris 19


Paris 21

Paris 23

paris 10

Paris 27

Paris 13

Paris 16

Paris 32

Paris 31

Paris 29

Paris 36

Paris 37

Paris 38

Paris 39

Paris 30

Paris 28

Paris 40

Sorry they were a whole lot of them but I wanted to share as much as I could with all of you. Hope you liked them

Lots of love

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