About Me

 Hello World,
From an Engineer to a Media professional to Selling Sports and 
now to a Fashion Blogger. "Been there Done it all."
My motto in life : “Do everything in Style or don’t do it at all.”
I love to discover new things and be in the know. I aspire to be in the world of fashion someday and rub shoulders with likes of Marc Jacobs and Anna Wintour (Wishful thinking I know!!)
I am crazy  about bags and crazier about shoes and love adding on to my collection. I experiment with clothes, make up and hair. I have a keen eye for fashion and penchant for style.
This blog is an extension of me so if you wanna know what I know keep reading.
I firmly believe that style is something you possess. It’s an Expression and an Art. Fashion on the other hand can be bought and is used as a tool to enhance your style quotient. The 2 most important ingredients one needs is Confidence and Attitude and you can Rock anything to everything. Having said that I totally disapprove of becoming a pathetic victim of fashion. It is something you need to Feel , Savor , Experiment and enjoy.. Basically have fun with it and yeah girls make your own Rules!! 
Happy Reading.

Shonima Kaul