Own your scent!!


I have always maintained that there is nothing sexier than the scent of a woman and the best compliment you could give any woman is that she smells so good.
I remember having a crush on my school teacher because of the way she smelled. It was so incredible that I would love to be around her. It was like this air of richness & freshness that she exuded every time she would pass by and you could always tell that she has been around because her fragrance would linger in the corridors. Nothing overpowering, nothing overwhelming, not annoying (trust me some people come like they have literally taken a bath with their perfumes) but subtle, fresh and sweet. It was like her signature. You see to wear a scent is alright but to own it in a way that even a stranger can discover your presence is so sexy. I always had this desire to smell like her and thus began my romance with perfumes.

My very first perfume was No.5 by Chanel which was gifted to me by my uncle. I was pretty stingy with it cos spending a fortune on a 50 ml bottle was unheard of in those days. It was a luxury that I couldn’t afford so it was saved for extra special occasions. For the rest of days I would wear a deodorant called ‘CIGAR’ (very woody fragrance) cos that’s what I could afford from my monthly allowance. Let me tell you I smelt nothing like my teacher not even close.

Slowly and steadily with increasing exposure and more so by way of increasing allowances I made a foray into the world of fragrances and tried many. There were many a trial and error & many hits & Misses. In the end I stuck to just a few of my favorites – Jadore, Issey Miyake, Splendor , Burberry Body to name a few and I am very happy with them.


Very recently I discovered this Body Mist by Forest Essentials which a friend gifted to me and I am so hooked. The brand is fairly new but has some amazing products. This Green Tea and Oudh body mist has a beautiful smell and feels like you freshly stepped out of a spa. I am not very good at explaining sense of smell but I will try. I feel it’s so Indian.. so reminiscent of our roots and culture. It takes me back to ancient era and I think probably Sita or Draupadi would smell something like this. Its so deeply invigorating & very fresh…hmmm I am not sure if I made sense here.

Anyway, Initially I felt that the fragrance didn’t last for long because I couldn’t smell it after sometime but as I have learnt from my years of experience it’s best to seek a third party opinion when it comes to perfumes. If people come up to you even after 2 hours of wearing it and ask “what are you wearing ,you smell so good” then BAM that’s a positive litmus test. That’s your Scent. just Stick to it & own it. What say??

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