Oval Makeup brushes by Wise She – A Review


Makeup brushes just like anything in beauty have come a long way. The beauty and fashion industry sure keeps us all involved and wanting for more. There was a time not long ago (and still is) when beauty blenders replaced the Makeup Brushes for the sheer ease of usage and now the new thing that has caught everyone’s fancy are the the Oval Brushes. I saw them almost 2 years ago with some beauty bloggers I follow and I was definitely intrigued. I searched high and low and came upon a set that was shoved away somewhere in the corner of a Beauty shop in Mumbai. I somehow mustered the courage to ask for those even though the packaging was so old & worn out that even the shop girl was looking at me with one raised eyebrow. I just wanted to see what the hoopla was all about. Fortunately she let me have a close look (maybe cos they were anyway thinking of throwing those away) and the brushes were no good to them.  Rightly so cos the bristles were hard and they didn’t feel good on my skin so I got over that phase pretty soon.
Cut to November 2017 when a fellow Beauty Blogger Anamika Sureka from www.wisshe.com contacted me to try on these oval brushes that she is very soon going to be launching.


I remembered my first stint with those so was skeptical but I thought of giving it a try. I still wanted to see how so many beauty bloggers were using these brushes that seemed so rough. These brushes arrived in a pretty green box as a gift with some goodies too (I am sure it will not be sold like that and the packaging will be different). The brushes have a thin black plastic body with dense bristles.

About the Brushes
The first look at these brushes didn’t make me very happy cos they aren’t very good to look at and didn’t seem sturdy. As soon as I picked up the big foundation brush & touched the hair/bristles , it was really soft. THAT excited me. The brush is pretty dense made of high quality synthetic hair and extremely soft and smooth. So I knew that the quality of the hair seemed good. I felt it on my face and it was super soft but firm.
Now coming to the body  I felt  that the handle seemed a bit frail and bendy so I wasn’t sure how will it hold when I apply my foundation. I decided to use it immediately to see how it will perform and I was really surprised that how easily I could apply my foundation and that bendy feature probably is for the ease of application because as I was applying the foundation It was giving me the right amount of manouverability I needed. It easily blended my foundation and it is super gentle on your face. I then tried it on for a thicker foundation and it worked absolutely fine for that one too. I am so happy with this brush that Its now my regular foundation brush and has replaced the beauty blender for the time being because I just love the way it feels on my skin. Like with all the foundation brushes I like to spray a little thermal water mist before using them and it feels really nice.


The second brush is a small toothbrush kind with a very small surface area. Honestly I am not sure what is the real purpose of that brush but I used it to contour my nose and apply highlighter. It worked really fine for those purposes because the surface area is just about right for those applications. Again soft and gentle on your face so these 2 brushes are a part of my makeup regime.

My Verdict
These are not very good looking but they are good quality brushes. They are soft and gentle on your face. They might look flimsy but work very well for the required purposes.

Will I buy them
I loved the foundation brush so will definitely buy it. I am not too sure about the smaller one though mainly because I wasn’t sure what is the real use of it.  I would definitely like to try the others from the range as well

Pricing and availability
Anamika is just trying out these brushes right now and they are not available at the moment for sale so the prices are not known, nor is the availability but I promise to update you guys as soon as I come to know from her. They are really worth trying especially the Foundation brush

I wish Anamika the very best for this new business venture and will definitely try the others from her range as soon as they are out. I would also like to thank her for helping me with getting rid of my itch to try an oval makeup brush and it was so worth it. Good luck girl

Stay Beautiful
Shonima Kaul

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