One Piece Wonder

I was fascinated by this one piece wonder from my childhood. My memories take me to the time when I would see my dad go for Maruti Suzuki  meetings wearing his Dungarees. It was the most convenient outfit since he had to go to the shop floor and inspect the carpets that were laid in the car. He was working for the company that supplied carpets to one of the biggest car manufacturers and had to spend hours on the shop floor. He used to keep telling me how convenient this piece of clothing was and it sure looked very cool on him. I insisted on getting one such piece for myself and that’s when I got my first Denim Dungarees.
Many years later this trend was seen back on the Runways as Jumpsuits and I would smile thinking how a utilitarian garment had morphed into a big fashion item.
Needless to say my fascination with Jumpsuits continued as I grew older and I still feel that it’s the most convenient and fashionable piece of clothing. It’s one savvy piece of garment that combines functionality with glam. It could easily transition from a day to night wear with a little change of footwear and accessories. How convenient!! No wonder the glam brigade has embraced this trend with great aplomb. Be it some glam red carpet event or a party or just a casual outing.

Many people are scared to wear a jumpsuit thinking they are short or do not have a perfect body. Let me tell you I am neither tall nor do I have a perfect bod but I wear jumpsuits very often. It’s just about finding the right fit for your body type. If you thought these are only for size 0s then you are wrong. They are almost for every woman or body type.
eg: if you are heavier at the bottom, look for a piece that will attract attention towards your shoulders so you could wear a halter neck or an off shoulder.
If you are heavier on top and have nice legs, wear a jumpsuit that accentuates your legs. It could be slightly tapering at the bottom.
If you are short try and wear a belt on your waist which is lower than your natural waist to give an effect of height. Vertical stripes will work for you. Opt for heels with your jumpsuit.

There are different kinds available. Some that are tapered at the end, some have cuffs at ankles, some are loosely fitted and some are wide legged. Don’t be shy to try them on and figure out which one is looking good on you.

Monochrome jumpsuits look very good especially Black look the best and give you a slim effect.

or a dark navy blue

Plain White looks good too if you can carry them off

You could opt for Printed ones too

You could play with the length

Accessorizing with a statement piece in the evening would be a good idea

India hardly sees any season as fall and spring. For us its either summer, winter or monsoons. But it’s the best time to wear this one piece when getting into fall and you are bidding goodbye to your Summer shorts. Its a perfect transition piece.
Aren’t these wonderful, So next time you see them on one of your shopping trips, do give it a try and add one in your wardrobe.


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