One Essential IT Item this Summer!


So what if the Sun is melting us completely, we still have to wake up, dress up and show up. Right?
One of the trends that I am totally leaning towards this summer is the Off Shoulder trend. This summer its all about baring your shoulders.
Of course its nothing new. This trend has been in and off the scene since mid 1800s when you could see all those elaborate dresses designed with off shoulder style. Many of the past style icons have given it their own sexy spin and today we again see it making way back into our wardrobes.
I feel its much better and simpler to bare your shoulders than your Abs in those Crop Tops. You know what I mean :-) So I have been sporting it a lot this summer. You could scroll down my blog to see the numerous occasions I have been wearing this style.
Though personally I like the ones where the sleeves are separately attached to the top / dress otherwise we are all the time pulling the shoulders down. I mean I am not able to lift my arms above a certain height if I am wearing an Off shoulder cos it keeps slipping up and its very odd to keep pulling them down and adjusting it. What do you think. Do u face the same problem with this style
Nonetheless I like this style & therefore Today on the blog 2 looks to express my love for the trend.















Dress : Zara , White Top : Necessary clothing
Pics : Dimple Rana

What do you guys think of this style. Would love to hear from you

Happy Summer
Shonima Kaul

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