One Coat – 2 Ways!!

Suede coat Cover

I remember when I picked up this Camel coloured Suede coat and tried it on in the shop, one woman who had been observing me for long came and asked me as to how do I plan to wear it. I said I haven’t thought about it yet but I will figure a way. For now its too pretty to be left behind. She smiled and kept looking at me ( I mean the coat ) I am sure she wanted to pick it up but was apprehensive. She again caught me at the payment register and said please tell me how will you style it and since I felt her pain of indecisiveness (one shopper to another I have been there multiple number of times) I quickly gave her 2 – 3 ideas to wear it. In the end I gave her my precious pearls of wisdom – “If you like it so much just pick it up and eventually you will figure out a way to wear it”. She thanked me and immediately went to the aisle to pick up one for herself. Only if Zara would see my power of persuasiveness :-)

I thought of dedicating this post to that woman in the Zara shop. I wish she would see this post and find out her own way to style this suede long waistcoat.

One way is to go the formal route. I have paired it with jeans but the jeans can be replaced by Black Trousers in the same cut. The other could be casual or semi formal depending on what kind of dress you wish to wear it with. Both could work well for office wear as well.

I hope you liked the looks. Do give me a feedback

Suede coat Cover

suede coat Collage













Suede Coat : Zara (currently available)
Pics : Ushmi

Stay Stylish girls
Lots of Love
Shonima Kaul

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