Ombre yet again !!
Hi girls.. Friday.. Yay!! What plans for the evening?? Oh don’t be a bore , go & explore.. Yikes cheesy line hahaha.. Anyway just a quick post since its friday evening and some of you might want to try out something new. I came across this interesting way to apply eyeliner  at Refinery 29 so thought will share with my girlfriends. Ombre eye liner – the latest , easiest , coolest and stunning make up look. It sounds complicated but it isn’t at all
Pic : Refinery 29

Just pick 3 shades of liner from the same family, turquoise in this case – light, medium & dark. You can use whichever shade you wanna rock. Draw a line across your upper lash line. Start with lightest followed by medium and then the darkest. Wing it a little
Lastly use an angled brush to blend all three together in one clean sweep. As simple as that!!
Pic : The beauty department

Incase you wanna get more creative, try the lower lash line as well but I am gonna just try the simple one for tonight.

Have fun girls & do tell me how darn good were you looking tonight.

Rock the weekend.


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