Ombre Eyes!!

Yes your read it right, it’s not just Ombre hair now its Ombre eyes that has been huge this season & the credit goes to the brilliant designer Jason Wu who enamored everyone with this make up look on his catwalk. I must confess that ever since I learnt about the Ombre eye make up, I have fallen in love with it cos a) it’s very simple and b) the color is just gorgeous on your eyes. I am totally in love with it so thought of sharing  my favorite eye make up these days with you all.

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My version of it is just like Kristen Stewart has it in the below picture. It looks super cool at nights

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Although it looks like it is complicated, but trust me its really easy. All you require are a few brushes and the MAC eye shadow “CLUB”

This color is very interesting. When you see it in the container, it looks like a shimmery olive green color but it is actually a brown masked eye shadow with green glitter in it and that’s what will give the Ombre effect to the eyes. It’s a sort of 2 dimensional shadow and reflects different shades when light falls on it. Cool Right??

so let’s get started
1. Apply the eye primer so that the shadow sets in well.
2. Apply a black pencil (Urban decay ‘Zero’) all over the lid as an eye base so don’t worry about how you applying it. Just remember only from the lash line to the crease. DONT GO ABOVE THE CREASE.
3. Apply a very little of green pencil (Urban decay ‘Hildew’) over it and then blend the color either using a brush or your fingers and nicely spread it on the eyes within the area. Remember its just a base so don’t apply too much. While blending just apply a little bit under the lower lashes.
Building a base helps the color to come out more prominently
4. Now Apply CLUB with a clean Applicator brush and PAT it on your lids and not wipe it on cos we want that 2 dimensional look. Just from the lash line to the crease (just where you had applied the black – green base) and little bit underneath the lower lash line.
5. Now it gets cool, after this take this little bit of shadow on the fluffier brush and apply the color on the crease in swiping motion. Once you start doing that, you will see that the green color is looking brown once blended in the crease. That’s what will give you the ombre effect from brown going down to the green :)
6. Apply a little more on the outer corner for that smoky effect and blend it nicely
7. Take your black pencil and apply on the upper lash line close to the lashes and inside the upper water line. 
8. Blend the pencil with the blending brush so that there are no visible harsh lines
9. Apply the pencil in the lower water line.
10. Add Fake lashes if you wish to (How to Apply )  or just curl the lashes and apply the Mascara .
Give some finishing touches and Voila!! U r done
Simple and easy Right!!
Do try out and let me know how u like this Eye Make up. (How to apply Eye make up & brushes)
Look gorgeous Always.

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