Oh TED!!

I don’t know why I haven’t till now but I thought will share another of my favorite brand with you all. “Ted Baker” was introduced to me by a very dear friend of mine and ever since I always make it a point to visit their store wherever I can. This UK based brand reminds me a lot about Kate Spade (Remember Kate Spade!!) The vibrance, the pop, the candy floss but in a more affordable range. I particularly am in love with their wallets. The colors are to die for and they have good amount of space. The shine of the leather, the bobble fastening, the internal lining all together make for a perfect piece. People surely are gonna ask you where you picked this one from.
So the other day I was searching for some wallets and visited their site to see the collection. I immediately noted  down 2 -3 things to be added into my NEVER ending list which I have to make it a point to hand over to my husband when he is traveling next :-) I thought of sharing some stuff and acquainting you all with one of my favorite brands especially for accessories like  bags , wallets, Laptop cases.  Check out their collection. You would just wanna welcome this Summer wearing TED BAKER.
These ones below are from their spring summer collection

I particularly loved this TAXI cab printed wallet called SATU

They also have smaller sizes & variety of beautiful colors like this Rebekka Bow Bobble purse available at Number Eight clothing

Check out this beautiful Bow Laptop case available in various colors

or this MINT colored quilted clutch

Orchid Bow Clutch called SOWA

Burnam Quilted enamel Bowler bag

Make up bag

Cutesy Flip Flops

Summer Bloom Parasol

City Printed dress

perfect spring florals

For more on TED Baker collection you could visit their site or you could visit Number Eight Clothing

I hope you liked what I love



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